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Sunday, August 27, 2006

mood contemplative

Surreal living

yesterday i dreamt that there is a tram number 893 in Singapore that brings me to melbourne. There was even a tram line on the asphalt ground. The only one in the city specially made for tram number 893. It made me damn ecstatic but for some strange reason i crossed the road to the other side of the junction and took bus number 7 because i just wanted to go to Holland road.

I think it was because i was worried that they were going to ask for my passport and visa because i didn't have any. I wanted it to be a simple bus ride where I could sleep for an hour and wake up in Elizabeth St.

it was so real i swear, that i think somewhere in between lab reports i have unscrewed something up there.

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mood gahhh!!

My feud with lab reports

Before i go to sleep feeling somewhat unaccomplished, can i just say, that i think all anal people should be excused from doing lab reports. like seriously.
I am so anal when it comes to doing lab reports that it's not even funny anymore, cos i just absolutely have to see all my columns lined up nicely, all like figures with the same format and font size, all titles squarely placed in the middle of the page, all paragraphs are justified, my dotted lines have to be gray and not black, the proportion of everything-under-the-sun-i-swear has to be right, yadda yadda.


i cannot stand it. I tried to just close one stupid eye and start on discussion already but the perfectionist side of me just kept crying bloody murder and the next thing i know i am back to aligning tables and adjusting fonts.

either that or i go back to online window shopping.

oh how technology has ruined my life!

i need help.

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mood tired

Happy Birthday Keiko!!!!!

just want to make use of this special day to say that you are awesome! Thanks for keeping me sane in hall, and i love you lotsie! :)

<--- this is what happens when we dont take enough photos together. HAHA.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

mood blessed


I am in a mighty good mood now! :D
Was so tremendously blessed by Dr. A R Bernard's saturday and sunday svcs, and it really changed my life, man! Indeed, the renewing of one's mind brings about success. :)

and I got the Queensland industrial attachment! *boink boink boink boink!*
I think the feeling hasn't properly sunk yet.. and it feels damn surreal. If this is a dream then i dont want to wake up. Wake me up only after april 28th 2007.
am excited about leaving smelly sunny singapore, even if it's just for 5 months, but wish that kl had gotten it with me. now i will be shopping buddy-less.

I am getting such a kick out of selling my stuff on sgselltrade! For those who doesnt know, packing my room and getting rid of junks are like my one of the most effective mode of destressing. So actually getting money for things i no longer need is just freaking fulfilling.

selling everything except my boyfriend! :D

edit: due to complaints, i shall rephrase my declaration into:
selling everything except my boyfriend, my best friend gideon, selected family members and my hamsters. so kl, you may NOT have my mum. my bro you want? hahahaha.. :D

I am going to Brisbane! :D

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I actually wanted to blog about Who Moved My Cheese. but now,

I am so upset I don't know what to say.

everything is so friggin bleak.

just dont.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

mood jittery for no reason
listening to Domingo A Noite by Luiz Bonfa

I am the oddball.

listening to bossanova gives me a bizarre sense of nostalgia, it's almost surreal, and I could almost swear that in a whirlwind of that 2 minutes 4 seconds, I float back into the past and stayed there for a while. Perhaps it is because the first few months of my dating days were practically dripping and drizzling with bossanova songs playing on laptops at SDE, and i miss them so.

anyways, was talking to K on the phone last night for an hour, and it was all nice and warm. I really really miss JC times, but oh well we have all grown up and the topics in discussion now is no longer A levels and sucky tutors but getting married and living with in-laws, something we obviously cannot discuss with our boyfriends for fear that they start sending SOS signals and flee for their lives. it was so funny!

on to a damn random note, I woke up this morning thinking about rudy, and was hit with a strange kind of feeling (or rather, acknowledgement) about long distance relationship. It feels like everything is on hold. I realised that at the back of my mind I had an almost subconscious kind of mentality that perpetually says just wait til he comes back. When i have a mighty piece of issue regarding something or the other that i want to yak about, not necessarily concerning the relationship, i unconsciously chant in my mind, just see how when he comes back.

cos if not then how! long distance calls are so expensive (from my side at least), and smses are just ridiculously exorbitant (from his side). AU$0.35 per sms. beat that! So we try to compromise, he'll make the calls, since international calls are so cheap in australia, and he cut down on the smses. cos it's simply not sustainable paying AU$0.35/sms. Imagine 5 sms a day. That's like SGD$2.10/day and SGD$63 a month. Bollocks! On sms only.
what the hell... these handphone lines providers simply love making lives difficult for those with a partner living on the other end of universe, no? they really dig that to the power of one hundred. but even with all the compromise, it doesnt quite work, because everything gets too controlled. And everytime i receive his sms, i feel so pained knowing how much money he's spending. It's so difficult.

so literally every fibre of my being is in waiting. And this makes me realise that at present, I am not really living. just waiting.

and its not really good, aint it? hmm.

wokie, off to lab!

P/S: will you buy a 2nd hand, 1 year old, condition 8/10, 512MB ipod shuffle, if it is $50? (U/P: $128)? :)

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Friday, August 11, 2006

mood knackered

First attempt at selling myself. Fail.

My CV and cover letter is still hanging midway off the cliff of procrastination. Ok to be fair, it's not that i spend forever procrastinating, i am just so bad at selling myself. I. cannot. do. it. so much easier if i could just march up to queensland and barge into the manager's office with tears streaming down my face to show just how genuine i am to get the freaking vacancy, no?

"I would like to apply for the industrial attachment vacancy your company is offering because i am hardworking, and i have a boyfriend in australia i would love to visit."

they confirm will hire me.

I didn't manage to bid for the english module i wanted and hence i ended up with another lit module called "romanticism". short and sweet.


well if studying it would help me to be more romantic, i swear i would attend every single lecture and kiasu my way to the first row during tutorials. But unfortunately in this case romanticism means Blake, Woolsworth, and Bronte, not Roses, Chocolates, Hugs and Kisses.

On to a random note, I feel like buying a bicycle. Just for the fun of it. heh. :)

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

mood tired

Online Rehabilitation under construction

I have a confession to make.

I, who continually professed to be the most computer un-savvy undergraduate, dreams of the day nokia becomes walmart, and tells my laptop (and LAN cable) "i hate you" ten thousand times a day, am officially addicted to the world wide web, and the device that connects my fingers with it.

While i attempt to drill my bottom to my chair and earnestly desire to do some work, internet explorer stares innocently at me. I am confined in a 5 x 2.5 metres space and I have nowhere to run to. I am stuck. And my laptop is stuck together with me.

My resume is still in the process of drafting, my soyasaponin research still at page zero, different sections of my room in various states of ungodly mess, but miraculously, i got something done.

My shopping list increases, and i just bid 36 bucks for a pair of heels.

I see things i dont need to see and i know things i shouldnt even know. like the lives of the girl/guy whose blog is the link of my friend's sister's school mate's brother's NS mate's girlfriend's blog.

and here i am wondering why am i not being productive? WHY?? this cannot go on. I swear I shall just uninstall my msn messenger altogether, get someone to give me a proper spanking every hour or so to get me off the stupid net.

ARGH! technology simply must die. now will you excuse me while i go find some cave with no power socket to live in for the next coupla weeks.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

mood lonely

And I look to my Eskimo friend.

I'm just swimming in aloneness now, quite literally and most figuratively. Damn it for being a girl, innit? I'm just chilling in my room listening to Damien Rice when i suddenly felt a pang of loneliness.

Yesterday i was reading Jodi Picoult's The Pact, which was about a teen couple who supposedly had a suicide pact to die together, romeo and juliet style. However by some twist of fate, Chris didn't die, and was then charged with manslaughter for allegedly killing Emily (spoiler: of course he did not). Later on as the story unfolds, Chris discovered, that Emily was pregnant 11 weeks with his child before she died. He was thrown into a messy state of confusion, wondering what was it that prevented her from telling him, because they both know that Chris would have married Emily, had she told him the truth, because he loved her with all his heart.

"My whole life was about her," Chris said, his voice thick.

"What if her whole life wasn't all about me?"

I see myself in Chris, and that makes me a little lonely. and rather confused too.

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mood restless

Why do i always mispell ATTACHEMENT??

Just received the list of companies where we are to do our attachement - i mean attachment, and there's one vacancy to Pacific Food Industries Pte Ltd in Queensland and another one miserable vacancy to Nestle in Switzerland. Plus 2 vacancies to a yet to be confirmed company in Jianxi, China.


I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will sell my grandmother to go to queensland or switzerland, i swear. When i scanned through the lists of companies and my eyes rested momentarily on Queensland, and that one pathetic vacancy they offer, i went breathless. I so want to go, to the extent that i'm trembling with excitement. anything to get out of singapore, i say.

but unfortunately, i bet my hamsters that the other 37 FST-ers are probably as excited as I am and so the probability of me nabbing the vacancy is really 0.03. by calculation.

i want to go..... :(

now, how to write a masterpiece of a resume?

posted at 9:10 PM by Felice

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