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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

mood pukish

lactose is my new enemy.

Today denyse, kl and I had a little shopping thingymagy at JB, which stems from the dissatisfaction of having to postpone our BKK trip by a month. I think we were just itching to travel somewhere. even if it is just across the causeway.

'Twas all good, didn't see that many things i liked so only came back with a pair of hollister beach shorts and H&M undies. plus a small pile of fruits from cold storage on the way back. yes you read that right. fruits. It all started with an innocent discussion about detoxing with my mum, which then got a little bit more serious and ended up with me successfully spreading the detoxing bug to my mum, bro, sis, plus keiko and kl. so proud of myself :)

gonna start tomorrow! sha la la la la.

basically detoxing is cleaning your body system of accumulated toxins, which involves 3 days of eating purely fruits and water, and a final 4th day of then slowly re-introducing carbo, lipids and proteins so as to prevent tummy upsets from the abrupt changes in diet. Detoxing is good once in a while, and it is supposed to give you great bowel movements and smooth complexion too. No processed food may be consumed during the detoxing period, so obviously caffein and cigs are a out of question. *ehem* haha.

detoxing is recommended once every 6 months i think.


anyway, today i realised that i am lactose intolerant. shock shock horror horror.

denyse has insisted that she claim credit for this magnificent discovery, which i shall graciously bestow upon her. haha. To cut the long story short, we had malaysian starbucks' caramel frappuchino this afternoon and we came up with a hypothesis that malaysian milk doesnt have added lactase cos after that innocent cuppa coffee our stomaches kinda started churning and we each had 2 visits to the loo thereafter. For the whole day now i have been having a lot of wind in my stomach and i feel so lousy :(

do you know that 90% of asians are lactose intolerant? i always thought that they are the minority.

It's 2am now and apparently there's still plenty of action going on in my stomach. all the nice bacteria and enzymes molecules in my stomach are probably doing some really heavy-duty salsa shaking and ballroom dancing cos i feel like puking so bad. urrggg.
keiko gave me some peptic ulcer & hyperacidity pills just now and i am still anxiously anticipating this churning to go down. need some lovin' now cos i'm feeling damn unwell, not to mention super unproductive for 3 days in a row :(

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