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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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I want my bangkok trip!

Today is probably the only day in my whole life that i was so glued to channelnewsasia and for once am able to proudly say that I am in touch with current world affairs. why? because kl, denyse and I are scheduled to fly to bangkok this friday and the Thai military has to bloody choose this week to stage a coup d'etat. OF ALL WEEKS. not as if the earth is going to stop revolving around the sun, if they can just suppress their political dissatisfaction for another week. you wont get constipation right. why cannot do it next week?? spoil my travel plans, man. seriously.

This year is such an inauspicious year for me to travel, man. Not that i believe in superstitions or movement of the stars, but how suay can i get, tell me. Still remember all the drama that happened just the very day before i was scheduled to fly to melbourne. For the sake of the ignorant, my auntie's condition got unpredictably worse that day and i almost didn't make it to oz. But i went ahead with it in the end because the ticket could not be changed, and the tickets we bought were only valid for 2-to-travel. i.e. any changes i made would have affected my travel buddy's travel arrangements as well. the rest is history.

and now this.

i'm so tired and my head feels like a rock resting on my shoulders. Life in singapore is making me so jaded, but then everytime i remember, i feel so blessed :)
i'm so thankful beyond words that come december i will be packing my bags with half a year's worth of summer and autumn clothings, and then i can eat my favourite arnold's farm muesli, drink australian milk everyday and rub shoulders with angmohs on the tram, off to the land where summer days are long and dogs can sit in the train. And then in may i will be basking in the cool autumn breeze, watching the trees shedding leaves, awaiting the first signs of winter with no snow, and seeing the person i love everyday.
looking forward to the trip really keeps me sane. but like always, i am learning to handle things in my stride and with no expectations whatsoever. It is always better to be pleasantly surprised than to be smacked on the face with outright disappointment. cos isnt it true that it is inherent in humans to always expect and hope for the best possible outcome?

And if expectation = perfection and nothing is perfect then expectation can never be perfect :)

ok i am talking rubbish plus not listening in lecture.



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