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Monday, October 23, 2006

mood frustrated

Everything is breaking down here..

Ok, i just found out that my stupid connection is not because of my room's LAN point. The problem lies with my laptop, God knows what is wrong. I must bring it down to comp centre soon because it is driving me absolutely bonkers. I was trying to download this stupid software so that i could convert my UROPS report from word to pdf format, and it was like watching the stock market, man. I would watch the transfer rate go 21%... 34%... 56%..., all the while crossing my fingers and toes and everything else that can be crossed, but the stupid thing couldnt seem to hit 60% without my connection going poof and ... yay.

Spent like one and half hour doing that nonsense before kko came to my rescue and helped dl it on her laptop.

And then for some strange reason, my thumbdrive joined in the mad party too and refused to register on her laptop.

This is why you dont see me online anymore. It's not that i dont want to talk to you, it's because i just cant be bothered to sign in and out and in and out and in and out.

*edit: dammit, i cant even watch So you think you can dance in peace. bloody connection went off when Dmitry and Joy were gonna dance hiphop. grarrghhh.

Anyway, rushing my UROPS report for the past few days and typing too much soyasaponin and soyasapogenol has officially wrecked my nervous system. My brain and my fingers dont seem to connect anymore and now i get typos one million times a day becuase i srtat tpiyng liek tihs. abosultely fantascit.

soyasponin soyaponin soyaspogneol soyasopgnel soyaposnogel soyaspogenol I AM SO NOT FAKING THIS.




Everything is a mad rush and it is making me sick and sad at the same time. Suddenly i feel so incompetent. When last time i used to derive great satisfaction because i always seemed to be able to produce works that teachers love, now i get demoralised everytime i see the stuff other people do. Maybe it's just NUS. it is too geek-infested.


so yes, everything is a mad rush and i feel like my pants are on fire. rush this rush that, so much so that i totally forgot i am going to bangkok this thursday. this thursday. what's wrong with me, man? if kl hadnt msned me asking for flight details i would have totally missed it. what a joke it would be, not turning up for check in.


R is rushing his model today and i just had a fleeting thought of how i used to stay up all night just helping him glue wood and cardboard pieces, sprawled on the floor, forsaking sleep and then looking like i just died a hundred deaths the morning after. But most of the time i always concussed earlier while he ploughed on, and the next day when i'm slogging away at lectures he would sleep in my room all the way until evening and i would come back hall to a giant rock on my bed. haha.

so i msged him

"I miss helping you make model :("

and right after i pressed send, a msg simultaneously came in, saying

"Yang i miss having you to help me make model :("

seems like i was not the only one thinking those thoughts. haha. :)

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