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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

mood frustrated

While my gay lecturer is talking, I'm thinking...

If i could get the person that i was 5 years ago to think with the same intensity that i am thinking now, I don't think i will be where i am now.

If i could choose again, i think i might have gone and become a design student. I want to be a hippy, polka-dot wearing, afro hair sporting design student, then i can walk around with mismatched socks or purple top and green bottom with fishnet stockings and nobody can sue me because i am a design student. And design students are supposed to be weird and quirky and eccentric anyway.

Or i would have been a cello-toting, piano-banging and saxophone-blowing new-age musician and i can go around screaming and yelling at people and throw harmonicas at them and noone can kick a fuss because musicians are supposed to be mad anyway. look at Beethoven. well Einstein was mad too, and so was Hitler. But isnt Beethoven's kind of mad so much more appealing that Einstein's kind of mad? At least he died with beautiful music playing in his head, not boring mathematical equations, or morbid ideas of what is the fastest way to kill a human race with the least mess.

But for all the bizarre stuff that these fellas do, people love them anyway.

In SDE, whenever you see people walking around with bathroom slippers and grandmother tshirts, with zombie looks plastered on their faces and looking as though they havent bathed for days, you think: "must be staying up doing models and rushing for submissions. so poor thing..." Then you look at their glue/marker stained shirts or hands and you think "hmm.. they got big sexy hands.. so artistic." And then you see them falling asleep in front of their computers, sleepily fiddling with Adobe Photoshop, and the same kind of thoughts run through your mind. Admit it.

When you go watch concerts or see musicians on TV, see the way they bang on pianos looking like they've gone mental, or how some of them play cellos while their heads jerk about in every possible direction, you dont laugh at how silly they look, you just swoon... "Oh, look how he's playing such soulful music."

But in FOS, when you see spectacle-wearing scrawny stick figures walking around with lab coats, you think "Eeeks.. what a lab rat.. " And when you see them wearing bathroom slippers and grandmother tshirts looking as though they just spent their weekend discovering the cure for cancer, you think "Eeee.. how come science people got no fashion sense one. Their parents never taught them how to dress up is it?" And even when you see they have shirts stained with chemicals of various colours, of which some may be carcinogenic, you dont think about how they are risking their lives saving mankind. You just shake your heads and think, "Science students ah... sigh."

Think about it.

anyway, i'm so tired. So many things to do and so many deadlines to meet. No social life for the past few weeks, save for suppers with kko, if you count that as social life. SO TIRED!!! cannot take it, man.

so now my lecturer is just playing yoyo-ma video with seemingly no intention of starting the lecture. well i dont mind this kind of musical indulgence, but uncle, i got a lot of things to do argh... but then again, yoyo-ma is good. should go buy his cds to destress.

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