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Friday, October 13, 2006

mood tired and hungry

Bad Day.

Today was a horrendous day. And i really cant be bothered to salvage it by trying to blog nicely about it. Came back around 5pm from lab, pottered around for a while waiting for 530 so that i could go collect my dinner before leaving for cg. At 520 when i wanted to take out my coins to pack dinner, i couldnt find my wallet anywhere, and i panicked big time because i thought i must have left it in the fst lab.

In a blur of events, I huffed and puffed my way out of hall, with guitar and all, and took bus all the way to science, almost running, while crossing my fingers and toes that my wallet was still in the lab. On my way there, i really thought i felt God smiling at me, i am not joking. And i felt so reassured, cos i knew i was going to find my wallet somehow. At the lab, i couldnt find it anywhere! it wasnt in the locker, it wasnt on the food processing lab table, and i had not the fogiest idea where else it could have been. noone saw it, and i got sick worried.

As i left the lab, thinking of going to cg straightaway, i felt the urge to go back hall to check again, and i did, cos i was late and would have to take cab anyway so might as well. So again, i huffed and puffed back to hall, all the while my heart was beating so fast. because i dont normally lose my things like this, and i am not familiar with this sick expectant feeling you get when you are trying to find something you know you have a high risk of never finding it back.

So i reached hall, marched straight into my room, and LO AND BEHOLD, that stupid flap of leather was resting on top of my piles of clothes, IN MY FREAKING CUPBOARD. I could see it the moment i opened my door. and i have absolutely no idea how it landed there because honestly, who put their wallets in their cupboard? i was fuming mad because i cannot believe i didnt see it earlier. this is so embarrassing. and i cannot believe i am re-telling this on world wide web because i absolutely cannot believe this kind of thing happened to me.

and you know what is the best thing, in the midst of all the running about, i even had the time to look up the UOB number in the computer in fst lab and called them up to cancel my debit card cos i really thought that my wallet was a goner. i tell you, regardless of how pissed i am feeling now, one day i am going to look back and laugh at this entry.

and now that i think about it, i think when i felt God smiling at me earlier, He wasnt being reassuring, He was just amused.

lesson learnt: next time when God is trying to speak to you, wait til the end of the sentence.

So then i had to take cab to cg and it was peak hour and there was a freaking traffic jam EVERYWHERE and i blew 18 bucks on cab. absolutely madness.

Was reaching hall around 1130 and i was famished plus tired so it gave me migraine too. So i thought it was ok, at least i had something to look forward to because i asked kko to help me pack dinner. When i finally reached hall, almost on the verge of crawling to my room because i was really damn exhausted running here and there ever since 11am. Then i found out that she gave my dinner away because she thought i came back to hall afterall in the end (i left a note on her door telling her i found my wallet). but that is just the cherry on top of the freaking ice cream.

i just cannot believe what a bad day today is.

pardon me i just need to let off some steam.

The only thing which made my mood minutely better was when i met HV on the bus on my way back. HV is my vietnamese coursemate.

me : hi! where are you going?
HV : i'm going back hall *thick vietnamese accent*
me : oh ok ok. so where are you getting down?
HV : science park. where you going?
me : oh im going back hall too
HV : oh.
me : where did you come from?

HV : *looks at me blankly*
HV : i come from vietnam.

HAHAHAHHAA. ok HV, if by any chance you read this, we love you. it was just too funny. :D


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