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Monday, November 06, 2006

I shall try to write a boring, bimbo post.

Yesterday i was doing the stupid sauerkraut report until 5am, but also didnt really get a lot of things done, so irritating. Went to sleep and woke up at 10am when kko came into my room and dangled rocky road ice cream in front of my nose. That was a brilliant idea because it worked. And i got up in less than 5 minutes, as compared to the 50 minutes it would normally take.

Anyway, only 5 hours sleep, so yah i'm very tired now. It would be so nice if i can just put down everything and go for a long walk, while elves come out and play and finish up all my work for me. You know that childhood stories you used to hear when you were young? about how this poor shoemaker only had enough leather to make a pair of shoe, and he was devastated because that was all he had. Then when he was sleeping two little elves came out of nowhere and helped him make the most beautiful pair of shoes he has ever seen. The next day someone promptly bought it, and he had money to buy new leather. And then at night, the same thing happened, and so on so forth yadda yadda. I kind of forget the ending. But the point is.. I WANT THOSE ELVES TO GET THEIR ELF ASSES HERE AND HELP ME FINISH MY WORK!

i'm tired :(

maybe it's just exams. Everytime when exams are nearing, i start to have all sorts of stupid thoughts floating in my mind. and all sorts of stupid stuff also start to happen. It's always like that. Actually why am i doing this :( do i really need to know all those information (you dont know what i am talking about).

Maybe my life would be so much simpler, if i just shut myself off from all that is going on in their lives. why bother right? it's none of my problems what they do, it is their lives and i am not their mothers. yesterday kko told me i am too nice. I would like to believe that but then that is impossible because i am not an angel. I get pissed and scream at people who take me for granted. ok maybe not out loud but u get what i mean. So tell me how do you not be nice? it is not as though i honey-coat every single thing i say and wipe the dust off the path they walk on, i just treat them like self-respecting human beings and this is what i get. why. :(

so many things to write but i just cant seem to get them out of my head because the words are intertwined and mingled with lactic acid bacteria, leuconostocs, coliforms and sauerkraut fermentation. dammit, i even dreamt about them when i slept. what is wrong with me. :(

shall blog again later when i am in a better state of mind.

man, this is such a brainless post. No need to think just type and type. Maybe this is who i really am. whatever you have seen in my blog for the past 3 years were not written by me. It was somebody else more intellectual pretending to be me.

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