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Friday, November 17, 2006

mood :)

An apple a day...

ok this post is a few days overdue.

Anyway, 4 days ago on a perfectly normal and monotonous monday, i was totally minding my own business when an ipod shuffle dropped onto my lap.

no, seriously.

The story goes like this. Pdus msged me a few days earlier to say that he needed to meet me one of these days to pass me some stuff he has for R. and it needs to be done soon, before he leaves for NZ. So i thought, ok man, gotta quickly meet this fella up because he has got R's stuff and i want to be a good gf who runs errands properly and not procrastinate like how i have been with his lomo. cos i have been freaking busy la and im sure fst people can relate to it purrrfectly.

I was determined to be an efficient superwoman this once and go get whatever stuff belonging to my boyfriend that this chap is holding onto. So on monday when i went for my medical checkup for my OZ visa, i arranged to meet up with Pdus. It was at Paragon's Starbucks that i sat myself down after huffing and puffing my way from the radiologist and Pdus had a brown box put squarely on the table such that it was the first thing i saw when i sat down. "Open it", he said. And i was thinking, huh.. this is R's stuff right, so what is the big fat deal, why must i open it??

But anyway, when i did open it, an ipod shuffle was staring at me in all its sleek anodised aluminium glory.

Pdus grinned, "For your anniversary."

And the oaf that was me was thinking, "Huh? for anniversary? as in YOU are giving ME this for anniversary? oh this is FOR rudy from YOU? then are you asking ME to open it?

........ OHHHHH!!!!!!!"

He must have thought i was such a dork because it took me a while to figure out what was going on. It was a few minutes of confused moments before i finally figured that rudy had asked him to help buy it and give it to me as a present for our anniversary a month ago. :)
Then again, its not entirely my fault. He could have been a little more explicit.

but i should have guessed. Rudy is ALWAYS doing this kind of sneaky things!!!

and bugger... Pdus is leaving for NZ only in February. *smirk*

It is so pretty :) and so minuscule, i am still not used to its tininess. In the words of my sister, "you could swallow it by mistake".

I suspect this may be a secret plot to make me exercise. Because a while ago i remembered saying that i am lazy to go jogging because i have no music to listen to while i jog. smart!

Thank yang, you made my day :)

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