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Saturday, January 27, 2007

mood aching all over!

Australia Day

Long weekend this week yipeeyay! Yesterday was Australia Day and Wayne brought us to Southbank, which is this area bordering the Brisbane river (quite similar to Clarke Quay or Esplanade) because there were carnivals, fireworks and a lot of australian programmes thingymagy going on. Nathan, Wayne's eleven-year-old smartass godson, tagged along and it was really funny because he throughout the entire day he just wouldnt shut up! But funnily enough, I found myself actually being able to relate to him at some points of time, talking about Australian tree frogs, spider crabs, and poisonous toads. We also exchanged tips on finger acrobatics which made Wayne cringe and barf. Hmm.. made me wonder if i grew up too soon heh?

Anyway, yesterday was a sweltering hot day and we practically baked under the sun. But there were tiny booths everywhere which provided freeflow of sunblocks and fake tatoos of Australian flag! It was so cool! As such, I decided to be abandon for a day my sense of belonging to the country which witnessed my birth and pledge temporary loyalty to this land of koalas, kangaroos and many strange animals. They also had free face painting, kite-making, some tribal dance show, rock band concerts by some local bands, yadda yadda. Check out my symbol of betrayal. *muahaha*

Anyway, since we had a few hours until the fireworks started so Wayne brought us to take the ferry from one end to the other and back to Southbank, just for the fun of it. The Brisbane river is serviced by the CityCat, the catamaran boats which was actually a form of public transport. How cool is that! imagine going to work or school via a ferry everyday! Here in Queensland, the transportation tickets that we buy include bus, trains, and ferry as well so as long as your destinations are within the stipulated zone you can just ride here and there and we didn't have to pay for the ferry tickets.

So off we went! 'cept that the journey he said was 15 minutes turned out to be two hours. At certain points of time the wind was damn strong, so much so that my cap flew off and it felt like ten thousand ants were punching my stomach when the wind blew head on into my belly while the boat sped along. yelch!

The views along the ride were really nice!

Me and Nathan. I had to hold onto my cap lest it escapes for a dive

Nathan and the sun

Nathan the smartass: "Let me try to catch it!"

And so the day ended with the fireworks:

Anyway, on Thursday Maysan and I went to play badminton because Wayne runs a badminton club that meets every thursday and he asked us if we want to tag along. We stood him up last week because Maysan was too tired to play after working in the factory all week. This week, however, I MADE IT despite having been slaughtered in the factory myself and i am darn proud of myself. And hence, coupled with a whole day of walking yesterday, I am really quite zombified! But exactly one minute ago Wayne just came in and said that we are going to The Spit in 45 minutes.

*&^%^$#%$#%$ what a short notice!

over and out!


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