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Saturday, January 27, 2007

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Happy Sunny Day!

Today we went to The Spit to do some sightseeing in the afternoon, afterwhich Wayne cooked chicken schnitzel for dinner before we left again at 8pm to go see glow worms at Lamington National Park.

How very exciting it was to wander about in darkness, trudging along mossy staircases and seeing itsy bitsy worms that glow blue-green beside a little waterfall! Didn't manage to take any pictures of the worms, because it was just too dark. Apparently we were not allowed to shine any torches at them or take picture with flash because the harsh lights would kill the worms. But seriously, up there i was concentrating so much on climbing up and down the staircases with only the guidance of the light spot from the torchlight shone on the ground that i broke out in a sweat, man.

Anyway, before we went to The Spit in the afternoon we went to this posh place called Mariner's Cove where all the rich people park their yachts and stuff. There was also a little chapel where people apparently have their solemnisation done, after which the newlyweds literally sail off into the sunset. So damn cool huh huh huh??

There were also a shopping centre with posh restaurants and hotels nearby, including the six star hotel owned by Versace called Palazzo Versace. It was a designer hotel which looks probably half as eccentric as its owner, complete with ugly colourful couches which look like inverted mushrooms. At the carpark we saw shitloads of posh cars, all gleaming and shining and i bet Wayne had the urge to covet one, because he who is normally quite shy around cameras did not hesitate one bit when I asked him to pose beside an incredibly sleek Aston Martini.

I told him that he could give me a sum of token money, and in exchange, I could publish this picture of him here and tell everyone that Wayne is actually the 106th son of an Arab prince and his past time include collecting sport cars and folding paper cranes with 100-dollar notes. Oh look, here he is with his latest toy! But alas, the miser has since declined my generous offer, so.

GO GET YOUR OWN and take your hands off that Aston, Wayne!

Next, we went to The Spit, which in idiot's term is basically this thin strip of water separating two chunks of land. Cut me some slack, I'll provide the geographical details after i check the map or something alright?? Anyway, many people walk their dogs and go fishing at The Spit. How the Australians managed to cook up such a weird name for a body of water, is a mystery I would choose not to find out for the moment. Gobsmacking names aside, the view from The Spit was absolutely gorgeous!

Thick white fluffy cotton clouds! nice enough to eat.

And I spied this cute couple suntaning on the rocks. Quite a funny sight to behold and I couldnt resist a snap :)

I realised that I really don't fancy writing this sort of events post much, because uploading pictures, especially on a dial up connection, is just such a pain in the ass. I reckon that if I do up such a post every single day, by the end of four months I will have no more hair left to pull.

Today I realised that i've been here in Gold Coast for almost a month. How time truly flies. It scares me that I have exhausted a quarter of my time here and before I know it I would be back in a claustrophobic land that is singapore. Better get myself sorted while I can!


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