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Monday, February 19, 2007

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February, would you stay a little while..

I have unknowingly found myself in a point in life where I just want to throw stability out of the window and get myself all whirled up in a chaos of changes. I want to trot around the globe, camp under the stars, ride on camels and swim in the Nile. I want to eat tamales and salsa in Mexico, date Italian men (just joking, YANG!), scale the Pisa Tower and feel the rush of adrenalin knowing that maybe if I jump up and down vengefully enough, it might just topple and become dust.

A wistful feeling came over me this afternoon, because dammit it's end of Feb already! Isn't it stupid why time chooses to fly when we have fun? have you ever questioned why the law of nature couldn't be reversed just to make us mortals a tad happier? :(
I know, I know, as what the cliche saying goes, you either choose to look at the glass half full or half empty, but now I am just staring at the surface very hard hoping that it will turn to beer and start frothing all the way up to the rim and stay like that forevermore.

Speaking of beer, yesterday --- Oh yes, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE! pardon me, here in OZ during CNY the town is equally dead really, so try as i might, I just couldn't get in the mood. Not much angbao to take also! saddened :(

But I digressed. Speaking of beer, yesterday our bosses (who is this singaporean couple) invited us over to their place for a Chinese New Year lunch. There was plenty of food, and what excited me was that in the tray of CNY goodies (you know, those sour plums and all), there was a pile of Ferrero Raffaelo chocs! For the ignorant, Raffaelo is Rocher's relative, but it is coated with white chocolate and coconut shavings instead of bits of nuts, and it has white chocolate cream and hazelnut in the middle. It was heavennn...
Anyway, all in all, other than the foods, I also had half a small bottle of Carlton Lager, one full glass of Woodbury Shiraz, and 7 Raffaelos. Wayne still won hands down though, because he had 2 bottles of beer and 4 glasses of wine and was still many shades lighter than me, who by then had already changed colour, so much so that i had to wipe off my blusher just to lessen the effect. I so need to exercise now before I become humpty dumpty. Beer is nice :)

On saturday we finally went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary! I was rather disappointed at the end of it cos I didnt get to cuddle a koala :((( We were separated by this fence and we could only look at them while they slept and slept like the lazy snoozing bears that they are. Apparently you have to pay money to take a photo with them and even then it was a shoot-and-go kind of thing. So one of these weeks we may go to Lone Pine Koala Santuary. I absolutely refuse to leave Australia before I hug that grey furry thing!

Anyway, I dont think I will start posting photos of the trip yet because some of the photos are still with maysan. However, before I go off, here is a picture of a horribly obscene kangaroo having a nap, dreaming about I-dont-know-what. :p


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