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Friday, February 23, 2007

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Couch Potatoes Rule

Yesterday was TV night again. Bollocks! What has happened to my literary and intellectual self who would normally rather spend the evening reading Shakespeare than glueing my butt to the couch watching the noise box?

Anyway, yesterday we watched RPA, with its many cringe-worthy moments as usual. There was this guy who had his chest opened up on the operating table while the camera zoomed in on his furiously beating heart, and then there was this lady with bunion, and the doctor had to dissect her right foot and practically drill through a toe and then proceed to happily dig out some bones and do some rearrangement. And the most disturbing part was that the doctor looked so at ease, like how he would solve a jigsaw puzzle in his own living room. halfway through the show I thought I was gonna be sick. HONESTLY.. I don't think I would have made it through even 15 minutes of the show without any company or some kind of moral support. But I figure that if I watch 4 month's worth of RPA I may be able to actually overcome my fear of blood. Check with me again in May.

And then as though that wasn't enough, there was Amazing Medical Stories and yesterday's episode was on boob jobs.

PARENTAL ADVISORY for the next paragraphs okay? Kids below 16 please exit this page, go do your homework and sleep!

Anyway it was a damn bizarre TV experience to see this woman prancing around topless in front of the camera in the attempt to tell a story, and then having two farting dome-shaped plastic thing stuck to her boobs. And then there was another lady who attempted making fake boobs with rice-filled stockings, complete with fake nipples and all. And do you know that apparently in UK there is actually this online organisation where men can donate money to women who wants to get a boob job. These women can register for accounts (a bit like friendster or facebook. *shock shock horror horror*) and then tell their stories on the net to make men understand their predicament and better emphatise with women with mini boobs. But if im not wrong, they have to give their photographs in exchange or something. Makes the whole thing sound so darn perverted.

AND THEN. There was this woman who managed to raise $4000 from the donations she got, and they showed footages of the actual surgery where the doctor jammed hugeass silicon globs into her boobs. There was also the post surgery, where the woman was wheeled out of the theatre still wonky from the anaesthesia but somewhat delirious when she saw her new DD boobs.

Very educational.

Anyway today me and maysan just bummed around at harbourtown (again) doing groceries and that's about it. I so wish that I know how to drive.. AND have a better sense of direction. That way travelling would be heaps easier :(

Ok I'm gonna go get my chicken fillets now. haha private joke.


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