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Friday, February 09, 2007

mood hungry

It's Friday I'm in Love!

Had quite little sleep last night because Friday is an arsed day where we go to work an hour earlier than we normally do. And coupled with staying up late into the night (talking about, in retrospect, actually nothing), is making me a little grumpy now. It is somewhat a snowball effect, because waking up slightly later than usual resulted in me having little time to prepare and not being able to eat as much brekkie as I would have liked. As such, little sleep + little food = sleepy + hungry = grouchy!

Today is quite a boring day at work. There was some kind of product reformulation being done and til now, Wayne is on the verge of pulling all his hair out while Kim has been going around in his unabashed singlish glory, "headache ah.." "wah today I stress ah.." So as they are still kicking up a fuss and having a debate over the consistency of satay sauce, I am left to my own devices with a tiny bit of time to kill.

Anyway, here in Australia, I really feel like a different person. In a very warped way, sometimes it is easier to be yourself with people you don't know. I guess that is why everybody wants a getaway, because in a faraway place with noone who knows you adequately enough to pass judgements, you can be a complete monkey or make a fool of yourself and noone you know would look at you the next day and think "That's the twit who paraded around the street in a superman suit."

Also, right here my stomach seemed to have somewhat stretched to three times its original size. On normal days I have an appetite probably as big as a dinosaur, much to the disbelief of maysan and wayne. And hence, speaking of big appetites, the real reason I am blogging is becauseeee... some of the staff in the company are bringing us out for dimsum tonight. and I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Oh my God... I am so craving for chinese food now. It's a bit funny because all along Rudy has always been the more oriental half, while I am always the one browsing food mags and webbies for the newest angmoh eateries that we can try, much to the ill-concealed lack of enthusiasm of my accomodating boyfriend.

But here, I have discovered, that at the end of the day, I am really just a chinese girl who at this moment just wants her siewmai and egg tarts.


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