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Thursday, February 08, 2007

mood okay

Grass are green because you make them out to be.

I have ants crawling out of my keyboard. WHY? maybe i dropped biscuit crumbs into it. I sure hope not though, because I dont want to wake up one day and discover that ants are building an empire out of my Fujitsu parts and planning the next coup d'etat to take over my room.

Anyway, this week is an okay week. Was in the lab the whole time, which is not bad because at least I get to relax my muscles a little. Today we did two products and both were sweet chilli sauce, rounding up to 17 cooks in total. Nearly went mad because they took so bloody long to cool down enough for the Bostwick test and I was huff-puffing in and out of the lab doing testing, getting sensory approval and doing weight and temperature check on the production floor. And when they started filling the 4 litre bottles I nearly went into fits because then I had to carry 9 kilo worth of sauces to and fro the lab *faints*

I am feeling somewhat frustrated at this point of time because I am lacking mentally stimulating conversations and intellectually challenging activities. So much so that I am beginning to talk to my pillows and discuss calculus with my sandwiches. Maybe it is routine? Lack of adrenaline? Maybe I just need a good book. There are not many good blogs to read nowadays. But then again websites and blogs are sprouting everywhere like mushrooms so maybe I am just not catching up fast enough. Show me!

Why is it that sometimes we just never get contented?

But then again, what's wrong with asking too much?

When I was much younger, I used to enjoy going to school quite a fair bit, because at least I was good at it. I still vividly remember the rush that I used to get every time teachers looked at me in disbelief when I finished primary school maths test in 5 minutes while my classmates were still at number two. Don't you just love it when you know you are good at something? If your answer is no, you are lying.


I am 80% convinced, that the reason I am sometimes not happy with my photos, is that I dont have a wide angle lens.

Anyway, moving along! on monday Wayne cooked a feast for us! Not sure what was the reason for such an extravaganza of a dinner on a weekday, when everyone else are still drowning in monday blues. But I sure am not complaining! Wayne made a veggie quiche with feta cheese, crumbed lamb cutlet, and yummy potato salad. We also had the coleslaw that Eileen gave us from KFC haha. The quiche was damn cumbersome to prepare, and while fixing his quiche and juggling between preparing different batches of fillings and boiling potatoes, Wayne was like, "why am i doing this?". haha.

It is funny how he makes it all look so easy. hrmpfff.. Anyway the end product looks like this:

I hope one of these days Wayne will be in the mood for chocolate desserts :)

Anyway, I am feeling depressed now because I have run out of scotch fingers to nibble. There is nothing to eat here! :(

But right now, what i really really really want to eat, is crystal jade's xiao long bao. Oh I can brave a cyclone to get to one tray of those juicy little pouches of meat.


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