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Friday, February 23, 2007

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Cloud number nine looks like a four-legged octopus

The other day I was sitting in the car while we were on our way back home from work and was mindlessly looking out of the window when I saw many giant lumps of fluffy clouds floating above me. I discovered that cloud-watching is actually quite a therapeutic thing to do. You just need some imagination, plenty of free time, and a strong neck muscle.

Anyway, yesterday was Thursday. And after seven weeks in Gold Coast, Thursday has acquired some kind of a familiar routine which comes in the form of work, badminton, plenty of TV, cabbaging on the couch, late night, and oversleeping. In that exact order. This morning we were supposed to leave home earlier at 7.05am (as opposed to the normal time of 730) to collect Wayne's car at Ford. However, at 7am there were still no signs of movement from Wayne's bedroom, and after some very courteous knocking, he finally emerged bleary-eyed and grouchy, obviously as a result of pressing the snooze button too much. Needless to say, we didn't make it to Ford. :D

TV is baaaad...

Yesterday maysan bailed so I went for badminton all alone. Wayne was there of course, but that doesn't count because he is a serious player and is too pro to accomodate my amateurish court ettiquette and dismal badminton skills. He asked me to play a game with him in a double and I tried so hard to squirm my way out of the situation that he had to resort to blackmailing, threatening to make me walk home if I refused to play. Thankfully! Jimmy came to my rescue and came in just at the right time with his kind offer to send me home on his way back to Tambourine if Wayne really did choose to be mean (WHICH I HAD NO DOUBT HE WILL, being the meanie that he is!).

So anyway, the badminton session turned out not too bad, because Jimmy was there, and that alone was enough because he was such a good fun, and his secret weapon in winning the game is always to distract his opponents by making them double up laughing on the floor with all his strange and rather sissy antiques. I was in stitches practically half of the time, couldn't do proper serves as a result.

Travelling is great, because you get to meet many interesting persona and you get to keep the memory of the camaraderie even when you leave the place for good. I think I will really miss this place when I go back.

Meeting new people could really be a great deal of an eye opener. Jimmy was sharing with me that he was actually a Buddhist monk living in a monastery in Thailand before he was adopted by an OZ couple when he was 23. He also told me about his travel experiences in Vietnam, how it was a really beautiful place and how the trip to Hoi An made him wish he had a girlfriend because "the little boat trip was very nice and it just wasn't fun going with parents". haha.

Then there was Kwong, this rather cocky middle-age singaporean born on Christmas Island. I never knew they speak chinese and malay on Christmas Island! Apparently it is quite similar to an Asian settlement, not angmoh like what I thought!

I find it a bit intriguing that I seem more at ease around people here as compared to when i'm back in sg. I can completely chat up an old grandfather and just talk about the weather without getting a weird look.

Dropped by Macs on the way back where Wayne bought his unhealthy dinner and I caved in to a fattening lump of soft serve ice cream. Next time remind me to keep an arm's length distance from wayne whenever I have an ice cream in my hand, because barely three steps out of Macs, an ice cream war ensued and half of my ice cream ended up on my face, on his elbow and all over my fingers. ARGH!


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