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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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Currumbin Pictures!

Ok this is a super long overdue pictures from last week's trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. I know, I know.. Meet yours truly the queen of procrastination. It's just that it's such a pain, y'know.. resizing the pics one by one and then uploading them. OH.. the uploading..

Anyway! The Currumbin trip was great. Wayne's friend gave us a discount coupon and so we only paid half price for what was otherwise AUD$30pp admission fee. The first show we caught was the lorikeet feeding. Apparently all these lorikeets are not in captivity and absolutely live in the wild. They just fly in at the show times to get fed. What free-loader birds they are! But then again, there are so many wild lorikeets here in aussie. There are a few who always come by our place in the morning, frolicking around the tree outside Wayne's bedroom window, sometimes fighting over food and making such a ruckus that in his grouchy days Wayne contemplates chopping down the whole tree altogether. haha.

For the feeding, you just have to stand there. You'll be given a tray of bird food (some cloudy, watery thing) and the birds will just come to you!

There is really an abundance of wildlife here in Aussie (or should I say Gold Coast), unlike the cosmopolitan city that is singapore, where kids grow up in highrise building and the closest some ever get to knowing animals is by keeping a guppy in a plastic container. The lorikeets are really not afraid of humans. Check out the birds making a pit stop on the birdman's arms and head!

Anyway, approximately 5 seconds after i turned around to pose for the camera while holding that tray, the birds flew off! And the sudden lifting of weights caused the tray to topple and spill over my pants. See that dark patch! Grr..

Next we went to see the koalas. Quite disappointed because it wasn't a "close encounter" show kind of thing! I was so fascinated at the prospect of finally being able to see koalas up close that I must have taken 10 over pictures of them in different pose. Chewing leaves, climbing trees, sleeping, looking left, looking right. Oh look, koala butt!

We saw wombats too. Very fat and clumsy looking animal but i think i forgot to take a photo of them!

See that koala at the back! Maysan and I on the little train that takes us around Currumbin. Saves us the walking.

This was taken at the "Naturally Wild" section where there were all sorts of creepy crawlies, snakes, frogs, turtles, small alligators, and some nocturnal little animals. The second picture is a picture of the remains of a snake which just shed its skin. damn gross-looking. Didn't mama teach you to clean after your own mess??

Turtles, alligators, and tree frogs. Cute little shiny gree tree frogs!

An echidna, which kept wandering about and sticking its snout (snout?) here and there so couldn't take a picture of its face.

A dingo, which looks like a normal dog really.

This was after a birdshow, and some of the birds were still wandering about. This little guy was following me! At one point it made a sheepish move to nibble my shoe. I didn't want to move too abruptly and scare him away, so I had to do a bit of acrobatic posing to fit into maysan's camera's viewfinder.

These were at the "Close Encounter" show, after which we could take photos with the animals. This was me asking the guy whether the lizard bites or not while half cringing because the lizard was so scaly and motionless and COLD. eeekkhh...

Maysan looks happier with hers.

The greedy possum who was munching on food the whole time of the photo-taking session. Apparently possums are considered a pest in New Zealand because there are about 5 million of them, resulting in quite a large possum : human population ratio, and they destroy trees and all. So all the new zealanders are on an mission to eradicate as much possums as possible. But they are so cute :(

The alligator show. The poor baby alligator was as still as a stick and was being transferred from one hand to another for like one hour of photo-taking, not to mention that its snout was tied up so it wont bite. The poor guy must be damn sian. He looks like a piece of sausage on my hands. :D

Last stop was the kangaroo enclosure. The kangaroos were EVERYWHERE! They are like dogs, man. just roaming about, lying around on their bellies, snooping around for food (you can buy kangaroo feed for two bucks from the vending machine), totally oblivious to the entourage of human intruders. They are so lazy and fat! And you can touch them and all. seriously, just like dogs! I wanted to hug the kangaroo to take a picture but he was smelly so I changed my mind. Anyway there were tonnes of them hopping around. Very exciting, though I cant say the same for the kangaroo poo that littered the place which I ended up stepping on. urgh!

We rushed back after that to go to Yatala drive-in theatre to catch Ghostrider and Casino Royale with Wayne and Nathan. It was my first drive in and it was really cool! People bring their quilt and pillows and lie in the boot of their cars while watching the big screen on the grass patch. We, on the other hand, brought beach chairs (and potato chips) because the boot is too small for 4 people. Then you gotta tune in to a certain radio station in your car to listen to the sound.

Came back slightly over midnight, totally beat. But it was a weekend well spent. :)

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