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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Saturday, 3th Feb 2007
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5th weekend at Gold Coast

Today was New Zealand's Waitangi Day and there was some sort of celebration going on at the Carrara stadium, so Wayne brought us there to take a look-see. It was kinda like last week's Australian Day but on a smaller scale somewhat. They had little booths selling New Zealand ethnic goodies, some band concerts, dance shows, and the highlight of the day was this traditional New Zealand food called the Hangi, which cost ten bucks. It was a darn hot day, and the temperature was hovering between 32-34 degrees. *sweat*

Anyway, the reason we were there was because Wayne is actually a New Zealander (who have eversince turned Australian), and even though he claimed that he wanted to go for the celebration because he wanted to get in touch with his roots, the real reason was really because he was lusting over the Hangi which I believe he has been drooling over in his sleep for a few days. Hangi is this meat and vegetable dish wrapped in banana leaf which was buried underground underneath some hot coals and left cooking for a few hours, and is apparently very yummy.

And the reason I said "apparently", is because we never got to trying it, much to wayne's utmost disappointment. This is because they must have overestimated the power of mother nature and so, even while the people were already making a bee-line to get their Hangi, those meats and veg were still halfway between raw and cooked, baking down under, and would not be ready until another two hours. So impatient people like us ended up getting our ten bucks refunded.

But really, it was very interesting because on our way out of the place we saw them getting the Hangi ready over at the grass patch. There were people shovelling about and smoke billowing out of this giant lump of soil where the Hangi was baking. So funny how they have to dig through the soil everytime they want to check if the meats are cooked. Praise the Lord now we have slow cookers and electrical stoves with easily removable lids, amen?!

Maysan and Wayne

An obscene amount of people queueing up for Hangi

The only picture of me at Carrara, which was crap :(

So maysan and I left the place rather disappointed and a little hungry. Wayne, on the other hand, was absolutely crushed, because he has been been dreaming of getting his hands on those juicy meats for the whole week.

A disappointed and grumpy Wayne

Wayne is now a little wary of my camera, and every time I sneaked a shot of him looking stupid, he will go "Am I going to be on your website again?" haha.

Anyway after that, Wayne drove us (as usual) to Harbourtown where we did our groceries while he went to his mum's. Harbourtown is officially my favourite place in Gold Coast so far, because it is full of factory outlets like Adidas, Nike, Jayjays, Cotton On, with many things to see, and they have quite a dizzying array of fruits and veg at this shop called Fruit Barn, at really bargain prices. There is also an Asian grocery store, where we could get things like beehoon, taukwa, Indofood cooking sauces (yay!), Lee Kum Kee sachets, so on. That shop is actually quite a rip off because they sell taoge (beansprouts) for AUD$2-$3 a bag, which you normally could get from a wet market in singapore for... 50 cents?? And also Hello Panda for AUD$2, which is SGD$2.40, and 1.5L Yeo's green tea for AUD$4. Damn, I am so craving for Hello Panda right now, but for AUD$2, my purse is screaming bloody injustice. But yea.. since it is the only place which sells Asian foodstuff, we all just unwillingly let ourselves get ripped off :(


Here in Gold Coast, if you really do some exploration and figure out the bargain places, grocery shopping can be really cheap, even cheaper than singapore. I love Fruit Barn because they have all the essential fruits and veg at really reasonable prices. I particularly love the yummy juicy white fleshed nectarines which cost quite a bomb in sg, but here they are only $1.50/kg! A medium head of broccoli was 60 cents! So it is fruits and veg galore! Here I come, healthy living and good bowel movement! :)

It's quite dumb I know, getting excited over fruits and vegetables. I'm turning into a grocery junkie. So before I start sounding like an auntie, better move on... (but it was really great, that Fruit Barn!)

Maysan at the Fruit Barn

I haven't been taking that much photos here in Gold Coast, because it is kinda hard to get into a shutterbug mode when your travelling companions are not quite as enthusiastic as you are. It made me really miss those times of travelling in Melbourne with Keerling, when our cameras were in our hands 24/7 and we took pictures EVERYWHERE. Under the toilet signs (haha), beside the lamp post, on the benches, riding on escalators, in front of the mirrors, under shop signs, road signs, in front of fruits, vegetables, fitting rooms, carrying gawdy bags, wearing furry coats, funny hats, in supermarkets carrying juice bottles, seriously everywhere. It was so much fun. Whereas over here, as you can see, most of the pictures have everything except my face in it. Babe, I miss you :(

Anyway, the stupid wound on my leg was throbbing the whole of yesterday, and I felt stupid cos I couldn't even walk without looking like a grandmother on crutches. And the wound didn't even look like that big a deal but it was so damn uncomfortable!

Yesterday Wayne and I were watching RPA on TV which Wayne taped on thursday. It was this medical documentary show with all sorts of individual medical cases which they discussed in details, like what's wrong with the fella, what kind of surgery they were going to do, which part they were going to cut, yadda yadda. It was really interesting. But my point is, the show was pretty gory at some part and Wayne the bugger thought it was funny to pause the show at the goriest part when the doctor was dissecting this fella's ankle, and especially called me over from the kitchen to catch that segment. And so I spent maybe a quarter of the show hiding behind the couch pillow and I swear at the end of it all, I felt like my body was hurting all over.
I know i'm sounding like a wuss, but yuppers, that's just how I am. sigh.
Finally, church tmr! yay!


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