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Monday, March 12, 2007

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Ten Years Younger

After much anticipation, yesterday marked the historical date when we finally visited Warner Bros. Movieworld! I had so much fun that I am now slightly suffering from rollercoaster withdrawal symptoms. This taking into consideration the fact that it has been absolutely elephantillion years since I last went to a themepark. I think I was 11. And that was to Dunia Fantasi in Jakarta, which didn't even begin to compare!

The moment we entered Movieworld I felt like I was in another world. A world where Bugs Bunny and Tweety bird roam the streets and Batman parades around in his ridiculous skin suit even though it's summer. I even half expected Harry Potter to zoom past me in his Firebolt. It was just amazing how much physical aesthetic can transform the feel of a place. Speaking of Harry Potter, there was a Harry Potter store in Movieworld selling all sorts of funny wizard stuff! And the thing I love about Movieworld is that the shop keepers dont throw dagger stares at you even when you prance around the shop with a $26 purple hat on your head or when you squeeze a Tweety bird to your face so tight it threatens to burst at its yellow fury bum.

They even have Bertie Botts' Every Flavour Bean! Even though I wasn't exactly keen on spending money to eat earwax-flavoured jelly beans. You never know the sense of humour these people have, y'know. I attempted trying on the kids size wizard robe, but instead of looking like a wizard, me thinks I look more like Wicked Witch from the East.

And just when we were snapping away in front of the store, Harry Potter jumped out of the front door and pointed his wand at me. Literally. It was quite funny actually, except that this Harry Potter might have woken up late and rushed to work and hence, instead of drawing his scar in the middle of his forehead it was above his right eye.


Took picture with a perv-looking Zoro too!

Loved the Looney Tunes Village with all its funny looking trees and carrot dustbins!

The first ride we went for was the new Batwing Spaceshot, which was right smack in front of the entrance of the park. It was 10am and I was still recovering from the normal sunday morning syndrome with maroon 5 playing in my head when Maysan dragged me along and plonked me right smack in the middle of Batwing Spaceshot queue before systematically planning out a list of what rides to go for at what time yadda yadda. And that was when I was jolted out of my sunday stupor and went uh-oh, what have I gotten myself into??


Anyway Batwing Spaceshot is this massive pole-looking thing where you sit in one of the rows of seat stuck to it and it propels you from bottom to top and down again, all in about 5 seconds. It wasn't that scary and is apparently way milder than Dreamworld's The Giant Drop but STILL! I didn't have much mental preparation and hence was scared half shitless. And bugger, it was only the first ride!

And so, that kickstarted all the rides-frenzy we got ourselves into. We were screaming so much for the whole day that it was as though the past ten themepark-less years' worth of screams were tumbling out all in a single day and at the end of it my lungs felt twice its original size.

We managed to go for all the rides, except the really kiddy ones like the Sylvester & Tweety Carousel where parents rode with their kids. We actually half-contemplated it but in the end decided against it lest the carousel toppled because of our weights haha.

Posing in front of all the kiddy rides. :D

We also went on the Road Runner Roller Coaster, the baby of roller coasters in Movieworld which is really mild but we screamed anyway! And went on it twice to boot! :D

Then there was the Scooby Spooky Coaster, which was really brilliant! It took us through little tunnels before going on this stomach churning jerks left and right and backwards and at the end of it my lunch roll almost threatened to ride up my stomach.

We also went on Lethal Weapon, the roller coaster which is made in a way such that your legs are dangling off the seats while you are being zoomed up down left right centre. Very thrilling, but quite uncomfortable because the safety seat thing was locked right beside my ears and during the ride my head was bobbing side to side and it was rather ouch.

And of course, last but not least, the mother of all roller coasters, the Superman Escape. Maysan wanted to go for it straight after Batwing Spaceshot but I was procrastinating on riding that because of the fact that it looks damn petrifying. I NEED SOME MENTAL PREPARATION OKAY!

The up and down loop was literally an inverted U, all vertical and straight. zoom zoom up down kind of thing. When Rudy went on it a few months ago that bugger sent me a video clip of the ride and has been provoking and egging me on eversince with reassuring encouragements like "are you going to try it???" "yang, are you scared??".


So anyway, I thought, why not, since I'm already here. But still that didn't prevent me from going all wobbly the moment I sat down on the coaster and was all strapped down like a pig going to the slaughterhouse. For your information, the Superman Escape is especially famous cos it apparently accelerates from 0-100km/h in TWO seconds, supposedly comparable to the speed of a rocket of some sorts. And true enough, the moment it zoomed forward and up, I felt like I had left my guts back in the queue. Then I got to a point of time where I just closed my eyes and screamed all the way. Just because.

And before I knew it, it was over.

VICTORY!!! Can you see the idiots screaming their heads off at the back?
Hee hee :)))

It was damn exhilarating. The only regrets I have is that we didn't manage to go on the rides more than once because we were too busy taking craploads of photos with every single signboard, toys and whatnot! We were in Movieworld from 10am all the way til 530pm when it closed and the security guard had to personally wait for us to take our last photo. I had such a ball of a time and the adrenalin was still pumping all the way home.

All our excitement must have rubbed off on Wayne because now he wants to go with us to Dreamworld! But then again, I suspect he just wants to laugh at me scream my lungs out on Terror Terror. Or drag me up The Giant Drop.

Oh boy, what a long entry. And I havent even talked about SATURDAY!
On saturday Wayne brought us to Mt. Tamborine and Purlingbrook Falls to do a bit of bushwalking and sight seeing. Will blog abt it another time!

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