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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

mood calm

Last sunday maysan and I took a trip up to Southbank at Brisbane to take a stroll around the city. We visited a bunch of museums, art galleries, and it was all good. On our way back, we passed by the Botanic Garden so we took a few steps in just to take a look. And that was when we spied a little rainbow peeking out from behind the trees. It was very faint but we got excited nonetheless and just hung around to look at it. As we stayed longer and longer, the clouds cleared and VOILA, all of a sudden what started out as faint hues became a full blown arc with a myriad of luminescent shades! It was just the most beautiful thing!

I was so mesmerized by it that I just laid on the grass gazing at it, but not before taking a million photos of it until my camera battery went flat.

Sometimes the simple pleasures of life really are free. :)

Anyway, today at work, the lab was in chaos.

I had barely any time to even sit down and take a breather, but Wayne was in a worse state because every single person from every department possible was perpetually demanding his attention while the phone kept ringing and the door kept swinging open with new sauces to test, new raw materials to approve and whatnot. It was an absolute mess. By lunchtime, I felt like the day ought to have ended. Like NOW.

We were scheduled to run production for this particular product, but alas! We ran out of raw materials. No diced onions and no minced garlic. What the hell... So Wayne had to race down to the nearest grocery store and then come back with 8 kg of onions while I stayed in the lab battling with 6 kg of garlic to mince. Then we stood side by side, Wayne chopping his onions while I minced my garlic. One giant pot spilling with little balls of onion on the left, one pot of yellow watery garlic gunk on the right.

Barely fifteen minutes into the ordeal, the onion vapour had made us sniff like idiots, looking as though we just emerged out of a soap-opera drama marathon. As though that wasn’t dramatic enough, there was the garlic. Oh, the stink of garlic. Enough garlic to kill a family of vampires.

It was such a ridiculous sight to behold, two lab rats bawling over onions with tears running down our cheeks. but it was damn funny. hahahah :D

Last sunday Wayne made sticky date pudding. It was SO fattening and to add to the fat fest, we had it with a dollop of cream. So sinful, but SO good. It was heaven on a plate :)


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