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Thursday, April 26, 2007

mood hungry

I have difficulty concluding.

My final report is almost done. But I'm procrastinating on writing the conclusion, because it just seems like such a final gesture. Writing the conclusion of a final report.

Yesterday was Anzac day. And while that meant a relaxing day off from work, it also meant 20 bucks less to earn. Bugger it!

We met up with the badminton gang again for a mini lunch gastronomic escapade, because Kwang wanted us to try out Hainanese chicken rice at this Asian restaurant in Brisbane. But alas, it was closed. So we ended up at another supposedly more inferior Asian eatery at Sunnybank called Little Singapore. But even this inferior place had a queue snaking all the way through the entrance, yo. It was a crowded house, full of homesick singaporeans and typical yabbering asians, yelling across the tables at such high decibels that I developed migraine. I swear my ear drums very nearly went kaboom.

The four guys had Hainanese chicken rice (Jesse had TWO servings, that glut!), maysan had malaysian prawn noodle while I had Singapore style char mee after the patriotic Kwang very strongly hinted against me having beef hor fun.

The portions were humongous! They were not bad, but I am still craving for my dim sum! Flaky and buttery egg tarts! siew mai! and xiao long bao!!!

After that we went to Mt. Coot-tha lookout at Brisbane for a bit of last minute sightseeing before we leave next week. It was a somewhat more commercialised kind of national park, but from the lookout point we could see the whole brisbane, with its jutting high rise buildings and all. Quite cool. :)

After walking around a little, some piccies snapping and loud talking (you know how it is when you go out in a big Asian group), we went to some cafe at Mt. Coot-tha and had cakes.

And for all those stuff that went to our bellies, Kwang paid for everything! It was just incredulous how he refused all our money (especially maysan and I, since we are leaving). So he paid for lunch, and he paid for cakes. And last week on my birthday he paid for coffee as well. While it does feel shiok to be somewhat "pampered" like that, especially when I am so damn broke, I felt SOOOO very bad.

So maysan and I are just gonna give all of them a treat for farewell dinner next tuesday. Eat and eat and eat all the way, yea!

The gang :)

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