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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

mood lazy

If my face looks red, it's just the wine.

I have given up with my report for today. Even with the help of chocolate, I accomplished close to absolutely naught. Nadda.

If chocolate hadn't helped, nothing else would have. Hmm.. except maybe potatoes. With melted cheese and a dollop of mayonaise.

Anyway, approximately 2 hours ago, out of the kindness of my heart, I asked Wayne if he needed any help in the lab. And I jolly well should have just minded my own business and hid in my little office cubicle. Because then he sent me off to approve TWENTY FIVE palettes of rock salt and raw sugar at the raw material warehouse. Letting poor attachment student like yours truly do the very thing he loathes doing. That sly angmoh!

And approving raw materials is just such a wonderfully pain-in-the-ass job to do, not only because of all the nitty gritty details to record, but also because you would have to battle with sticky tapes and minutely sized palette slips and then dig through layers upon layers of cling wraps to find a good spot to stick the damn thing.

But! It turned out to be quite fun because all the palettes were stacked high about 4 metres above the ground at the top most layer in the warehouse and so, Al had to plonk me on an empty palette while he scoots me around using a forklift. Up and down and all around the warehouse. Cheap thrill I know, but it was quite exciting! :D

Anyway, after MUCH much much procrastination on my part, yesterday Wayne and I finally watched Saw 2 on DVD, which had been sitting around for 2 weeks and gone through one re-rental.

As though it wasn't quite satisfying enough to put me through the fear and terror of watching Saw 1, he just freaking had to make it into a sequel. I suppose Saw 1 was alright, just for good fun's sake. But I must have been out of whack to let him convince me to watch Saw 2 as well, because now the bugger has the cheek to ask me if I am game for Saw 3 !?!??

And the best thing it, the bugger had already watched Saw 1, 2, 3. The whole freaking lot. He just found it very amusing to turn off all the lights in the house, put me through the ordeal and then guffaw at me while I squirmed and twisted the couch cushion until there were zipper prints on my palms.

The movie was absolutely grotesque. Wait, actually BOTH Saw 1 and Saw 2 were disgustingly gory. And while I must admit that the plot was genius work, it only reminded me why I made the right choice by staying away from horror movies.

Watch Saw 3? NEVER!!!!!

Yesterday night while watching TV:

F: I am really going to miss your couch.
F: okaaaayyy.. I am going to miss your company too ok?
W: You are supposed to say that FIRST! BEFORE the couch!

But Wayne really has got the most comfortable couch in the whole wide world! :D

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