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Sunday, April 08, 2007

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Me, Myself and I

Nowadays, I somehow always end up being the earliest riser of the house. And everyday at 830 the cool autumn breeze enters the dining room through the metal railings and greets me good morning while I sit beside the kitchen table top eating my breakfast.

It is good to have early mornings alone. Gives me plenty of opportunities to camwhore. HAHA.

My favourite breakfast. Yum :)

Yesterday, by some happenstance, I ended up having the whole day to myself, while Maysan stayed at home and Wayne went to do his own things. It was wonderful, and I had forgotten how good it felt to have the ringing silence of my own thoughts for company. Better still, the bus was totally empty, and I sat there by myself, with ipod plugged into my ear and my head propped up, gazing at the sky while the clouds raced past. I was in another world.

I ended up at Australia Fair and the first thing I did was go into Sportsgirl and took my own sweet time browsing through racks upon racks of knitwear and autumn clothing, camwhoring in the fitting room, trying on clothes that I know I could never buy because the price was simply too outrageous for the measly allowance that our miser company gives us. But what the heck, I had a lot of fun in the fitting room. I heart Sportsgirl! Ended up buying a leather woven high-waisted belt.

Then I took a stroll along the streets, and along the little beach which I thought was Main Beach. However when I told Wayne about my day later on at night he just shook his head at my hopeless sense of direction and recognition of places and told me that it was probably just some car park of an obscure corner of the coast, not Main Beach.

Wayne is such a spoiler..............

But then again, I am a realistic person. Knowing my sense of direction, or lack of, I didn't wander around too far so as to prevent myself from getting lost in small alleys, crashing into trees, lamp posts, and harming random pedestrians. Then I sat down on a small bench that overlooks the beach and people-watched.

What, doesn't that look like a beach to you? What carpark? Humbug.

I then hopped onto a bus and popped by Harbourtown, thinking of killing time before catching the last bus (which comes once every two hours and doesn't service after 6pm) back home. Big mistake, because obviously my shopping instinct works better when I'm alone and the rest, as they say, is history. Went into a spree mode and bought a pair of bling-bling white shorts from Esprit within 30 minutes at Harbourtown.

Five minutes before all the shops closed, I walked past this store which I never knew existed and my heart momentarily stopped because there were KEDS shoes on display and they were bloody on sale! And there was the KEDS strawberry, the exact same one that I had always spied on for the longest time but couldn't get because it wasn't available in singapore! Only $20!!! A whooping $40 off! What incredulity!

I went ballistic. All common sense was lost. So I raced into the shop and twenty bucks promptly grew wings and flew out of my purse into the happy cash machine of that-shop-i-didnt-even-bother-looking-at-the-name. Fastest purchase of the year.

My strawberry KEDS. :)))))))

There was the pointy glittery turquoise one too for only freaking $15 but I was sensible enough to realise that my brain wouldnt be capable of making rational decision when I had barely a minute to spare before the shopkeepers chase me out with a broom.


but quite happy :)

omg, what a bimbotic post.

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