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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

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Over All Too Soon

Today is my last wednesday in Gold Coast. And then the days after, there is my last Thursday, last Friday, and come saturday I will be leaving on the jet plane.

To be very honest I can't bring myself to be excited about going to Melbourne because all my excitement at the prospect of meeting Rudy has been wholly and helplessly masked by how reluctant I actually am of leaving this place.

Anyway, I don't think I will have the chance to blog much (or even, at all) within these few days because there are just so many things to do. Everybody wants to meet us! for last dinner, last coffee, last cakes, whatever. And I have yet to finish packing because I just suck at it. Period. Keiko, remember how chaotic it was when I moved out of hall?? This is like the sequel. Part 2.

Last saturday we went to Seaworld, thanks to Kwang, who got all six of us in for absolutely free. We also did the shark snorkel, and the dolphin interaction thingy which normally cost $165. Can you imagine that!!?? And then he arranged an international buffet for us which cost $23 but he refused to take our money. So all in all, we wringled out about $300 worth of activities and food, without forking out a single cent. It was incredulous. And we had great fun!

On sunday morning I was wandering about at Westfield after church when I innocently bought a pack of Tim Tam chocolate mud and polished 7 out of the 10 pieces that were in it. When I eventually looked at the nutritional information, I realised, with utter horror, that 1 pack of Tim Tam contained about 1000 Cal, which was bloody HALF of my daily intake. I'm not trying to nit pick here, but when you gobbled down HALF of your daily calorie intake for after breakfast snack alone, it is just not funny. So I very subtly hinted at Wayne for another jogging session, and off we went to Labrador. Yipeeyay! Wayne did 4.6 km while I only did 3.6 km, trailing behind Wayne as usual but it felt great! After that while cooling down, we ended up playing at the playground.

It was hilarious. We got a little carried away and I think passerbys were wondering what were two adults doing creaking on the see saw and swinging on the monkey bar.

Yesterday we met up with the badminton peeps for a supposed farewell dinner, and Kwang got us another cake! Chocolate mousse.

I can just feel my coronary arteries shutting down now.

Ok, til next time, people.

Sometimes when life gets too confusing, just make a joke out of it.


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