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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

mood dilemma

Bag Lady

Two days ago I bought a bag. From Fossil. It was a genuine leather bag, and it cost me AUD$160.

It looks better in real life.

What, don't look at me like that.

It's really not something I could have controlled! They were having a whooping 50% sale! Only for a week! And they were selling like hotcakes, all disappearing from the shelves at a very alarming rate. It was an impulsive buy. Because when you have to clutch onto a particular item while you observe the other bag-hungry women starting to walk around you in concentric circles while impatiently anticipating for you to put it down so they can grab it, it was difficult to think rationally. Didn't have the luxury of overnight pondering. Had to act fast. Umm yeah...

For the past 2 days I had been somewhat in a daze. I had to periodically feel my head to check if it is still there. I mean, how could my brains have deceived me into spending one. hundred. sixty. dollars. Just like that. But slowly and surely, I am recovering from the shock. And the irreversible damage it did to my bank account. I told myself I'm not going to buy anymore bags for a long time. I even considered returning the Sportgirl jeans I bought a week back, just to minimize damage, you know. Shorten the guilt trip.

But I think God really has a wicked sense of humour. Because today Rudy and I went shopping and I was innocently walking around Witchery when I stopped dead in my track. Because I saw the most beautiful bag I have ever seen for a long time. Ten times better than the Fossil one. I went breathless. If love at first sight exists, I was convinced this must be how it would feel like.

Leather oversized Super Heidi bag

The picture is totally crap, because in real life it doesnt look that boring. The leather is soft and when carried it folds and creases at all the right spots. Oh my God. It was just so damn gorgeous.

It's AUD$349.95. And you know what? the most insane part of this whole bag affair is that I am actually CONSIDERING it.

I didn't buy it today. I want to sit on the thoughts for a few days. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, enough logic would have crept into my system and shook my brains awake so I would realise that spending AUD$500 on bags within 3 days is just majorly insane.

When I was young I used to not understand them mothers who would spend so much money on handbags. I was totally happy with hippy yuppy bags because they are cheap and you can buy like a dozen of them and carry different ones for a thousand and one occasions. But I think after the Fossil bag, I have totally stepped over the line. Passed the point of no return.

Ok how about this one then? Leather Justin Bag in light grey. AUD$189.95 only.

Shit, man. What have I gotten myself into?

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