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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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A Home That is Not to Be.

Today, I was reading a Malaysia & Singapore travel guide (getting in the spirit for the upcoming Sarawak trip in December!) when I stumbled upon a serendipitous paragraph on Singapore.

Singapore is a strange country. Arriving at the clean, efficient airport and taking a taxi into town past manicured verges and block upon block of architecturally bland apartments, it is possible to imagine that you have entered one of those computer games where the perfect city state can be built.

Ten years ago Singapore was a clean, well-run place but there were pockets of unaddressed messiness, just as there are in every other city - areas where litter swirled and vermin survived, and places with an interesting cultural identity. But as someone remarks to the eponymous hero of Paul Theroux's novel about Singapore, Saint Jack: "Give them a few years and they'll pull this all down and build over it - apartment blocks, car parks, pizza joints, every lousy thing they can think of."

The prophecy has come true.

Oh, I tell you. Even while sitting in the quietness of the library, sinfully buried in travel books (instead of lecture notes), I almost couldn't stop myself from shouting "AMEN TO THAT!"

This feeling of circumstantial discontent has been intensely bugging me in the recent weeks, especially with all these "home country" issues that Rudy and I have been having. And with all these melodrama happening when for once I am actually yearning for some quiet, I can't help but turn to music for some cheap comfort.

Oh world, you intrigue me so.

Lets Get Out of This Country by Camera Obscura

Let’s get out of this country
I’ll admit I am bored with me
I drowned my sorrows and slept around
When not in body at least in mind
We’ll find a cathedral city
You can convince me I am pretty

We’ll pick berries and recline
Let’s hit the road, dear friend of mine
Wave goodbye to our thankless jobs
We’ll drive for miles maybe never turn off
We’ll find a cathedral city, you can be handsome, I’ll be pretty

What does this city have to offer me?
Everyone else thinks it’s the bee’s knees
What does this city have to offer me?
I just can’t see
I just can’t see

Let’s get out of this country
I have been so unhappy
Smell the Jasmine, my head was turned
I feel like getting confessional
We’ll find a cathedral city, you can convince me I am pretty

What does this city have to offer me?
Everyone else thinks it’s the bee’s knees
What does this city have to offer me?
I just can’t see
I just can’t see

Break over, back to books ok bye.


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