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Thursday, June 19, 2008

mood full

Food Glorious Food

I am officially on pigging out mode. A day here in Melbourne isn't complete without at least one eye-opening gastronomic meal. But having never spent so much money on food on a single holiday, my pocket now sports a wide gaping hole. Yet, my happy tummy is telling me that all is good. Peachy, in fact :)

This morning we went for breakfast at MART 130 at Middle Park. The establishment is actually a tram station that's been converted into a cosy little breakfast cafe. How COOL is that?? If you do anagram, you'll notice that MART (complete with inverted R) is actually the backward spelling of TRAM. kewl stuff.

The food was to-die-for. But quite steep, we spent almost 20 bucks each. And that was breakfast. Blimey charlie.

Hendi had the corn fritter and grilled bacon stack, while Rudy had steak sandwich with caramelised onion & beet, which was all obscured by those pretty vegs. Don't they all look so blardy delicious?!

I had a Turkish pide with chicken, grilled bacon, swiss cheese and mustard pickle. And we all had a small bowl of juicy juicy sauteed mushrooms on the sides (that wasn't double spelling, just emphasising the point).

Yesterday Rudy and I went all the way to Oakleigh for a hearty Korean meal. The Asian food here is so authentic and scrumptious it is mind-boggling.

Rudy had a sizzling hot plate of FAT juicy, fresh, garlic prawns while I had spicy seafood lamyun. Ahhhh I wanna eat that again.

All these short and curt updates do not do the food justice. But I am so thoroughly spoilt and smitten by all these shop-eat-sleep routine that I need to go laze around just to complete the whole holiday bum profile.

Rudy just cooked yummy perch fillet for dinner. I swear if typing burns as much calories as I hoped, I would blog more often.

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mood huh.


Someone has been fooling around using my email account on some stupid Sydney ad website. In response, so far I have received about 15 emails from various human beings of the opposite sex, most of them asking me if I want a screw. One of them even went as far as sending me a self-portrait of himself with his friend, Dick.



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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

mood histerical


We were just minding our own business when we heard a loud BOOM alarmingly near to our ears and found out that Rudy's hard-boiled eggs had exploded in the microwave.


I had always known that you can't cook a raw egg in the microwave but I never knew that you can't chuck a hard-boiled egg in too. You should have seen Rudy's mortified face. HAHAHA. This is so far the most exciting that has happened in my one week in Melbourne.

Let this be a lesson, ye all. Reporting live from Arden Street.

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posted at 12:28 AM by Felice

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

mood FULL

Ultimate Sinful Chocolate Supper

In a spur of the moment, after Rudy's crit ended around 930pm, we hauled our already fat asses down to Lygon Street for some chocolate indulgence at Koko Black.

And when I say indulgence, i really actually mean OVERKILL.

We ordered the Belgian Spoil for two, which included a platter of rich. sinful. delectable. chocolate stuff. Did I mention rich? The platter has small servings of rich chocolate ice cream, rich chocolate mousse, a small little rich chocolate cake, a shortbread, and two chocolate truffles. On top of that, we each got an ice chocolate mocha, which is this creamy, rich chocolate drink with two small scoops of Koko vanilla and chocolate ice cream in it.

I know I am overusing the word rich. But God, finishing all those chocolate felt as though an entire chocolate plantation died in my stomach.

Poor Rudy who is not much of a chocolate fan was so overwhelmed by the incredulity of it all.
Check out his how-on-earth-am-I-supposed-to-gobble-all-these-chocolate look.

The truth is, despite the yumminess of it all, that was enough overdosage of chocolate that at this very moment, I feel like I could literally burp chocolate and fart chocolate. And I am moving around very carefully for fear that if I slant my body at the wrong angle, all those chocolate will just spill out of my every orifice. Score!

It was great though :) There are so many nice, chill out eats here in Melboure. I haven't even begun to post photos from our meals at Andiamo @ Degraves, the oh-so-scrumptious Jap fare at J cafe, the dim sum at Plume.

All these fats I have accumulated should be enough to keep me nicely insulated this winter :)

We've been spending quite a bit of money on food the past one week. So we decided to be a bit of a scrooge for lunch and fix something at home. I cooked Japanese curry! Though not exactly proud of it because I used those ready-made curry cubes.



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posted at 9:57 PM by Felice

Friday, June 13, 2008

mood happy

On shopping and being possibly addicted to a country.

You know how I am never really good when it comes to shopping resolutions. Only 5 days in Melbourne and already I have added several things to my wardrobe that SO would not fit in my luggage.

There is sale everywhere, dammit. And such good bargains they are!! Hear no evil, Speak no evil, I could manage perfectly fine. But try as I might, the See no evil part is just mortally impossible.

So far, I have gotten myself a kickass Fred Perry bag, a Mooks bag for my sister, a gorgeous FCUK top and a pair of leather Gallaz sandals. Was nearly bought over by a set of Paul Frank tank & boxer sleepwear but managed to hold it before my cool and rational self went all spinning out of control. Rudy generously paid for the Fred Perry bag for an early anniversary present. Tee-hee. Funny how he always had to resort to this to save me before the bag-whore side of my personality succeeded in whittling away my inheritance on these evil and frivolous things.

I am a happy camper literally chilling in Melbourne, yes I am. Earlier on, our plan of trudging down to Il Dolce Freddo at Lygon to get some gelato was thwarted when we opened the front door and was greeted by the 9 C cold air. Promptly changed course and went to Brunetti for hot soy latte and Frolle instead.

This kind of life, I can live :)

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posted at 10:21 PM by Felice

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

mood contented


I am in Melbourne now. Oh alright. So my blog now is like some sort of location update, completely devoid of substantiality whatsoever. Every time I talk to people online, I always get chiding remarks like So where are you this time? Why do you keep flying here and there?? Do you want to travel around the whole world before you actually come back?? Well I wish. Then again I admit I have been a tad lazier in updating than I would have cared to admit. But trust me, my embarrassingly inconsistent and sluggish appearances of posts would seem almost excusable, if you, like me, have been tossed from one idyllic existence to another and another, all a plane ride away from each other.

So our 17 day Thailand trip ended with a shopping spree in Bangkok (well sort of anyway). It was a rather relaxed trip, no extreme gravity defying and muscle-cramping stunts like the Sarawak trip. Visited little towns and villages, talked to people, bought lots of stuff. Budget style as usual, which was ace cos I felt is the only way to truly appreciate the country in its entirety.

Came back to Singapore for a week to unpack and repack, and off to Bali for good ol' family and dog-loving. I hadn't been back for about 2 years and you could say I wasn't prepared for the somewhat overwhelming sense of nostalgia that ambushed me the soonest I got into the house. It was surreal how the aftermath of things have changed the feel of the place, the disappearance of the familiar mess, replaced with a more subdued arrangement of things which was both poignant and somewhat sad.

My dog seemed so bewildered to see me, almost as if his little dog brain was thinking She's back?! and as though to see whether I was an illusion that would vanish as suddenly as I appeared, he proceeded to follow me everywhere.

Anyway, similarly, no action packed itineraries here, just chilled around and pigged out on the tongue-tingling spicy Indonesian foods I had deprived myself in exchange for pitiful Singaporean fares. Woke up late, strolled around the city, brought my dog to the beach for walks, lazed around. My last bit of leisure before I start work, very precious indeed. Yesterday mumsie brought us to eat Nasi Pedas, a literal translation for Spicy Rice. No prizes for guessing how it tastes like. Halfway through the meal we were tearing and sniffing like idiots and my stomach felt like it was on fire.

This morning I arrived in Melbourne, will be here for almost 3 weeks before going back to Bali again for a few days. Rudy is off sitting for an exam now, leaving the computer all for myself. So I just had to drag my lazy ass to write something, but that wasn't after I polished off about a quarter of Rudy's cheese Doritos (praise the Lord for self control).


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posted at 12:11 PM by Felice

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

mood full

Last ounce of holiday

Been sooo lazy to post pictures of the Thailand trip and whatnot. Zzzz...

Going to Bali tonight, and then to melbourne for 2 weeks. Be back on 3rd July. Start work on 4th July. NOOO!

til then!


posted at 1:41 PM by Felice

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