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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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I am in Melbourne now. Oh alright. So my blog now is like some sort of location update, completely devoid of substantiality whatsoever. Every time I talk to people online, I always get chiding remarks like So where are you this time? Why do you keep flying here and there?? Do you want to travel around the whole world before you actually come back?? Well I wish. Then again I admit I have been a tad lazier in updating than I would have cared to admit. But trust me, my embarrassingly inconsistent and sluggish appearances of posts would seem almost excusable, if you, like me, have been tossed from one idyllic existence to another and another, all a plane ride away from each other.

So our 17 day Thailand trip ended with a shopping spree in Bangkok (well sort of anyway). It was a rather relaxed trip, no extreme gravity defying and muscle-cramping stunts like the Sarawak trip. Visited little towns and villages, talked to people, bought lots of stuff. Budget style as usual, which was ace cos I felt is the only way to truly appreciate the country in its entirety.

Came back to Singapore for a week to unpack and repack, and off to Bali for good ol' family and dog-loving. I hadn't been back for about 2 years and you could say I wasn't prepared for the somewhat overwhelming sense of nostalgia that ambushed me the soonest I got into the house. It was surreal how the aftermath of things have changed the feel of the place, the disappearance of the familiar mess, replaced with a more subdued arrangement of things which was both poignant and somewhat sad.

My dog seemed so bewildered to see me, almost as if his little dog brain was thinking She's back?! and as though to see whether I was an illusion that would vanish as suddenly as I appeared, he proceeded to follow me everywhere.

Anyway, similarly, no action packed itineraries here, just chilled around and pigged out on the tongue-tingling spicy Indonesian foods I had deprived myself in exchange for pitiful Singaporean fares. Woke up late, strolled around the city, brought my dog to the beach for walks, lazed around. My last bit of leisure before I start work, very precious indeed. Yesterday mumsie brought us to eat Nasi Pedas, a literal translation for Spicy Rice. No prizes for guessing how it tastes like. Halfway through the meal we were tearing and sniffing like idiots and my stomach felt like it was on fire.

This morning I arrived in Melbourne, will be here for almost 3 weeks before going back to Bali again for a few days. Rudy is off sitting for an exam now, leaving the computer all for myself. So I just had to drag my lazy ass to write something, but that wasn't after I polished off about a quarter of Rudy's cheese Doritos (praise the Lord for self control).


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