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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

mood calm

Thank you ma'am.

There is something rather intriguing about the initial few precious days/weeks of working life. Time, when available that is, is unconditionally pure, no strings attached, almost too good to be true. This is unlike university days, when any good day out is accompanied with a guilty pleasure, for which a penance exists to somehow restore that pleasure versus pain equilibrium. A late night out today must be paid with a sleepless night another day. You get the drift.

But now, my days reek of newfound liberation. While not unwelcome, it does take some getting used to. It's liberating to the point that it almost feels treacherous.

So I've been out and about. Like a bedraggled pauper with a million dollars having just fallen on his lap.



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Sunday, July 13, 2008

mood restless

Bitten again.

I was hit by a random travel bug. Maybe it was that short and random talk with Terrence about backpacking, 2 dollar/night rooms in Shanghai and whatnot. Or maybe its the one hour that I just spent uploading the first part of the Melbourne photos onto facebook. Because now I find myself inexplicably and suddenly overcome by a sudden urge to hop onto another plane. Go to vietnam to cruise along Halong Bay, hoist up my backpack and roam the streets.

If i buy tickets now for Feb 2009 flying via Tiger airways to Hanoi, its only SGD$199.98 return. so cheap!

Should I? SHOULD I???


Barely gotten my first paycheck and I have already missed the luxury of holidays.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

mood cold

Mind Games

I really hate it when people try to fish things out from me through vague and deliberately elusive way. Compliments, sympathy, pre-conceived ideas of possible reactions, anything. Just DON'T DO IT. Don't dangle stingy morsels of information with false neutrality and ambivalence and expect me to bite the carrot. Don't dispense half-sentences, and sit back expecting me to complete them, perfect with punctuated emotions to appease your need.

Don't do it, because I do not mollycoddle. I am incapable of it, and neither will I betray my character by attempting.

Genuineness and hypocrisy cannot coexist. So don't make me. I really don't like it.


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Sunday, July 06, 2008

mood good


I am officially a working adult now. When you see hoardes of people streaming out of the mrt, the ubiquitous morning and evening peak hour crowds pushing, shoving and stepping on everyone's toes, look a bit harder, and you might just spot me, lacquered with nonchalance and sardonic indifference in the midst of it all.

My holidays have reached the end of the line. Thailand, Bali, Melbourne, and now back in Singapore. I have taken the plane for a grand total of 6 times for the past 2 months, and i won't even begin to count the long-haul train, bus and car rides. Maybe it is also this flurry of transits that has made me so stoned. For some strange reasons, there was an absence of the usual bitterness and tired resignation when I finally landed in Singapore 2 days ago. It was with a bizarre kind of detachment that I observed the civil airport crews, the polished facade of the airport, the unmistakable hokkien banters of the taxi drivers, and of course, the all too familiar, stupid ERP gantries. I felt like a mere observer, stopping by yet another port of disembarkation.

Melbourne was awesome. We visited the Blue Dandenongs, rode on the Puffing Billy, went to Warrook cattle farm, played with sheperd dogs and milked a cow, and then saw little penguins coming back to shore at Phillip Island.

Maybe when I feel like it I will post some pictures. But for now, let me tread carefully on the ice of this newfound calm, and in this little zen bubble accidentally created, float along.


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