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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

mood sleepy

Becoming super domesticated, omg.

I had a really great weekend, generally speaking. The Great Eastern Run came and went, and I'm still alive. Ran about 4.5 km of the route and walked 0.5 km of it. Not too shabby at all, and I had a really good, long sleep that sunday night.

I'm a bit too darn lazy to write anything nowadays, but to cut the long story short, for the long weekend I really did a lot of cooking and baking, I kid you not. In fact, at this rate my blog might just become a food blog.

Saturday lunch, I did tuna pasta salad. Sunday, I baked my pumpkin cake! It was alright, but the pumpkin taste doesn't rock my socks enough that I'd be rushing to make it again. For dinner, I attempted such an elaborate feat in the kitchen (by my standard, at least), just because hey, I had all the time in the world. I used my Byron Bay coconut chilli sauce and mixed it with some yoghurt dressing to marinade several chicken breast fillets.

And a whole tray of cajun roasted vegetables because i figured we need all the antioxidants that we can get :)

I also made garlic roasted and herbed baby potatoes because we are a family of potato fiends. Here is a plate of the end products. The picture is crap as usual.

We had a few happy tummies that night :) On monday afternoon, I made pasta carbonara with angel hair pasta. Big mistake. the pasta was so fine and soaked up so much cream sauce that the whole thing was one lumpy tangled mass of noodles. The taste was good, but so very fattening that I could literally feel the evil-ness of it seeping into my body.

After lunch, I was cabbaging around and then I realised that I was really really itching to so something. So I rummaged around my kitchen cabinet for some yeast and flour and made Oregano bread.

The picture is crap because as mentioned, the lighting here is just absolutely hopeless. My brother, especially, had a lot of fun kneading and banging the dough around. Anyway, the bread took TWO hours to rise. And when I finally got it out of the oven I was momentarily horrified because How come it's so bloody hard?! Turned out that this was more of a baguette-like variety with hard crusts and all. The insides were soft and full of yeasty goodness :) Now to look for a soft-crusted bread recipe!

This afternoon, I had some of the leftover carbonara for lunch. And I felt like I've ingested enough cream and butter for a week that I came back and made some celery chicken salad with yoghurt dressing and blanched baby tomatoes and broccoli for lunch tomorrow.

That's to cut the long story short. So my point is, I am kinda in trouble. My grocery bill this week was so expensive it's not even funny! Did I also mention that I made spinach quiche and two more batches of carrot cake the week before?


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