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Saturday, March 17, 2007

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Somewhat Sombre Saturday

This morning at 8am I started tossing and turning in bed for a good 45 min before finally deciding that only bums with nothing to do would do such a thing. So I crawled out of bed at 8.45 feeling surprisingly darn awake.

Everyone was still deep in slumber and the whole house was still in the morning air. I took a warm shower, did a whole load of laundry, had a bowl of cereal, and still found plenty of time in my hands, enough to toss my two cheese rolls into the oven, baking them into a crisp while I took time drying the dishes, arranging the placemats, wiping the table, fluffing the cushions, and did a little bit of tidying in this house that is not mine but I have grown to love. Then I sat down on the rug reading the papers while munching on my hot piping cheese rolls. All by myself, while the world around me slowly began to stir. It was the best feeling on earth.

My mind seemed to have been running on cruise control mode up til yesterday. Everything had gone in a somewhat fast forward mode and then faded into a blur. Before I knew it, weeks had passed me by. I have unknowingly settled down too well into this comfortable routine that I have become so attached to. Gee, when they said Industrial Attachment, I didn't expect it to be so literal.

Yesterday I was writing the date on a QA form when a pang of realisation hit me like a rock. And I said it aloud just to test its effect.

"I'm sad. March is ending."

And as though on cue, Wayne parroted out the exact same thought that was on my mind. "Yeah. Very soon you will have only a quarter of your attachment left." And then we started to talk about crying at the airports and this and that, and all of a sudden I just felt like bawling my eyes out in the lab there and then.

I would really miss this place, the way the silhouette of the mountains accompany us on our way to and fro work, the way the stars gleam by the thousands in the clear sky at night, the way the people say G'day everytime they pass me by. I would miss Wayne, the way he stares bug-eyed at the computer screen everytime I teach him new microsoft shortcuts, the way he makes a total monkey of himself just to make me laugh, the way he can't stop talking crap because that's just the way he is. And I would miss myself, the way my mind runs free unobstructed by the rigmarole of academic life, the way I could be myself, completely carefree and oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the city beat, the way this place made me realise how truly beautiful God's creations are. The deep valleys, the azure blue ocean, the rolling waves, the cloudless skies.

If I could have my way I really don't want to leave. I want to stay until December, I want to see winter turn into spring and spring turn into summer, even if it means I have to eat bread for lunch every day and survive on AUD$100/week.

Then Wayne joked, "If you don't cry at the airport, I think I will be very disappointed."

Well, I think he won't be disappointed at all.

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