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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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Meet My Alter Ego, Miss. Sloth.

My entries are ridiculously backdated, thanks to the force of nature greater than myself that is laziness. The more eventful my days are, the lazier I get about blogging it because every time I thought about the one thousand and one photos to resize, sort and upload, I just couldn't help but sink deeper into the couch.

Incoherent thoughts and super non-chronological posts aside, it is about darn time that I post the pictures from the Mt. Tamborine & Purlingbrook Falls trip 3 saturdays ago, hey? 17 days overdue! Oh, the shame...

Anyway, moving along! So last last last saturday Wayne took us to Mt. Tamborine to do a bit of bush walking because he had to do some delivery at the vicinity. We also went to Purlingbrook Falls to see the waterfall and did some more bush walking. God forbid, we have all become bush-walking maniacs. I'll just let the pictures do the talking ya? Noone likes wordy posts anyway :)

(see how expert I am in justifying my own laziness)

This was at the Gallery Walk, which is this stretch of road at Tamborine with lots of little wine shops, souvenir shops, chocolate shops, yadda yadda.

There was also a cuckoo clock shop, which totally blew my mind. There were like hundreds of intricately designed wooden clocks ticking and cuckoo-ing away on the walls. I was so tempted to march up to the cashier with a cuckoo under one arm and my purse in another but thankfully my common sense got the better of me before I do anything marginally stupid that would jeopardize my dangerously depleting bank account. Cos even the tiny ones were like 200 bucks, it was just insane. Look at the top right picture, the price tag read $469 ok! Don't play play.

We were going from clock to clock to find those whose hour hands were about to strike, just for the fun of seeing the cuckoos come out of their respective clocks. :D

I heart these two postcards. The first one is an Aussie Slang postcard and the second one is the Slacker Postcard. After that I was bugging Wayne to explain all the bizarre slangs. My favourite was Don't come the raw prawn! which meant something like Don't bullshit with me. hahaha.

Click on the pictures for a slightly bigger version.

Then we went to the Cedar Creek Section of Mt. Tamborine to do our bush walking and also see the rock pool. It was just a wee bit of walk, only took us around 30 minutes. The Mt. Warning walk still takes the cake. But as with all bush walks, the views were beautiful :) the rocks, the gullies, the tall trees, the little waterfall, I love them all.

The evil and scheming Wayne pretending to pose when he was actually discreetly scooping water to splash me with. Should have seen it coming, that stealthy thing!

The rock pool. Apparently there are people who like to climb up the steep rocks and dive into the pool, even though there were warnings all over the place after all the accidents that happened. But still, it was a great place to chill. There were kids sliding down the rocks too. It made me half-wish that I had my bikini with me so I could take a dip!

On the way to Purlingbrook Falls we stopped by Hinze Dam to take a look-see. The poor dam wasn't that full because of the drought, but still the views were great!

While driving out of Mt. Tamborine we spied throngs of people huddling at the top of a particularly steep hill and being the curious cats that we were, we got down the car to join the commotion. Turned out that there were people doing hangliding!!! and parachuting too. We saw each and every one of the gliders run down the hill, take off, and glide through the sky. It was soooo cool!! But as expected, it was very very expensive too. Wayne made some enquiry about it and apparently the tandem (pair) rides are about 200 bucks, excluding the beginner's course. SIGH.

Finally, the last stop of the day was Purlingbrook Falls. The previous bush walks we had always started with a climb, and then a descent on the way back. But at Purlingbrook it was the other way round. We had to first climb down to where the waterfall was, and then slog our guts out climbing back up. But when we got to the waterfall, all was forgotten. It was just the most beautiful thing!

The walkway was a little path that goes through behind the waterfall and as we slowly inched our way through, we could see the water cascading down on top of us, not like a gush of water vomitted out of the rocks but small drizzles that seemingly froze mid air before doing a bungee into the river below. We all got a bit wet from all the splashes but still, I could stay there forever. It felt somewhat surreal hanging out behind a waterfall while feeling the droplets of water in my face.

Me and Wayne acting like retards. I heart uncle Wayne :)

The whole walk took us around 2 hours.

To finish off this intellectually unstimulating and super backdated entry, a picture of the super veggie-laden pasta that we had for dinner a week ago, after Wayne bought back a whole plantation of vegetables at a Bi-Lo closing down sale.

Not to mention that maysan and I did our massive grocery shopping at harbourtown on the same day too. It was so hilarious just looking at how absurdly chock-a-block the fridge was with 10 capsicums, 3 kg of grapes, a big ball of cabbage the size of a soccer ball, Wayne's squashy plums, and a plethora of other greens enough to feed a village of hungry Ethiopian children. It was so full that me and wayne had to resort to fighting for lunch box space.

Anyway, last saturday we went to Dreamworld! Will blog about it HOPEFULLY tonight.

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