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Sunday, April 15, 2007

mood cramps

Eyes Wide Open

I have no patience for internet nowadays.

Here, dial up connection is slow, and my time is too precious.

Nowadays, I sleep an average of 6.5 hours a day. When there are good movies on TV, or when there were things to yak about, I sleep less. Maybe 6, sometimes 5. Even on weekends when everyone else is sleeping in, my body jerks awake no later than 8.30 am. Sometimes 9 if I am really tired.


Because I think sleeping is a waste of time. Cooping oneself up in the room and thinking up things to be emotional about is a waste of time. Talking excessively on the phone is a waste of time. Lying around and tossing about in bed when the sun is long up is a waste of time. Even being minutely upset about anything at all is a waste of time.

And perhaps that is also how I unconsciously cut myself off from the world beyond this land. Because everyday I try to strike a bargain with time, pushing it, and pushing it, trying to earn as much waking moments as possible to take in as much of this place as I can. Because I know that when I go back to Singapore it may be long before I could look forward to every day as much as I do now.

All the FST people's msn nicknames and blogs seem to give out the vibe that screams "I am so glad IA is over" with a million exclamation marks. But here I am, probably the only anomaly of the lot who is going to exclaim, albeit with the same amout of intensity, if not more, that

I am so sad IA is going to be over soon.


I really am.

Keiko, I have not forgotten you! I still miss you very very much and I hope you get to go to UWA. Study hard for exams, hang in there! will see you real soon, ok!! *BIIIIG HUG*

Keerling, do you really want the keds?? sorry i only just saw your tag! I was actually at harbourtown on saturday! :( which kind of design do you want? the strawberry one too? they have very limited designs though. And uh.. do you know what keds size is topshop 40? I wear 7. Email me!!!! :)

Anyway, last Friday I went to watch my first live football match! It is the National Rugby League season now, and the whole Australia is in an absolute footy craze *cough Wayne cough*.

And hence, for the past few weeks, I have been watching random footy matches on TV because Wayne just refused to do anything else other than glueing his butt to the couch watching footy and yelling at the TV.

Friday's match was Titans vs Broncos, which was our very own Gold Coast newbie team against the Brisbane big brother team, and was supposed to be very exciting! You know what they say, when in Australia, do as the Australians do. So other than eating lots of pizza and accumulating visceral fats (from all the fattening food that a particular Australian has been cooking for us), when Wayne asked me if I am interested in going to watch the live football match, I said OK!

Wayne and I raced down to Brisbane after work together with Bryce. And then as I sat there in the stadium shoulder to shoulder with 47,000 footy maniacs clad in either turquoise or burgundy, for a fraction of a second I felt amusingly out of place. But it was very exciting! We were all rooting for the Gold Coast team, but I personally was supporting Titans only for the sheer fact that they were wearing turquoise. Turquoise looks nice, yo!

I actually managed to follow the game too! Having sat for Wayne's segmented lectures on footy rules and terminologies during those TV nights.

TITANS won! Yeah! :)

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