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Friday, April 06, 2007

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A Quarter

Yesterday while sitting around in the lab at the end of a long day's work, I looked at the calendar squarely placed in front of me on the table and realised that it was 5th April already. I arrived here in Gold Coast on 5th January, and I'll be leaving this place on 5th May. There was officially one quarter of my attachment left, and it struck me how perfectly segmented the days of my life are.

But really, what are days but numbers? Little numbers around which our lives revolve.


Happy Good Friday, everyone!

We have a long weekend this week, and it felt great not having to wake up to a 7 am alarm for a change. The shops are all closed today, so as of now, we are officially plan-less. Bumming around at home it is. Seeing how our day is lacking some action, this morning Wayne decided that he wanted to do his usual weekly morning walk to the nearby news agent to get his newspaper. He asked if I wanted to tag along, and I thought, hey, why not, it's a good chance to burn off the french fries I gobbled down after badminton last night anyway (Wayne, by the way, had to burn off a big mac, a medium fries, a hot fudge sundae, and a medium coke). Maysan was smarter and chose to stay at home.

Anyway, the news agent is actually just down the street, but it ran out of newspaper. So armed with the determination to hunt down a news agent which still has newspaper on the rack, coupled with wayne's good judgement and adventurous spirit, we ended up walking to studio village, climbing up and down a thousand hills, taking weird shortcuts and circling the whole Pacific Pines!

Then we ended up on the friggin' highway, crossing the huge bridge that seems to lead to nothing but boulders of rocks which were remnants of what was blown up during the construction of the highway. It was like bloody wilderness! And from there when we looked into the distance, we could see a little hill with clusters of brown roofs which is Crestridge crescent. The place where we started, looking minuscule like an ant. I was in disbelief. How far had we walked?????

It turned out that there was actually a housing estate behind those rocks, so we ploughed some more and walked and walked, until we eventually reached Helensvale(?!?!?), which is the train station that maysan and I always dread walking back from whenever we don't want to trouble wayne to pick us up.

Oh. My. God.

Then from the Bi-Lo at Helensvale we walked to Westfield and finally followed the route which maysan and I normally took to walk back. By the 2nd last hill we had to climb to get home, I swear my legs were starting to fall apart. Not to mention that I had had to keep up with Wayne's super long strides. And so, what was supposed to be a 500 metre walk turned into a two and a half hour trudge under the sun. It was like some kind of a bush walk, man. Like climbing half of freakin' Mt. Warning!

And the best thing? We still came back without newspaper. It was sold out everywhere.

I'm gonna miss all these stupid things that we do after I'm gone.



Not sure if a smiley or a sad face is more appropriate here.

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