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Friday, November 23, 2007

mood frustrated


In relation to yesterday's post title, today things are slightly different, because at this moment, I...

Really, INCREDULOUSLY, unbelievably, ABSOLUTELY cannot be arsed to study.

Stooopid exam to the power of one hundred.



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Thursday, November 22, 2007

mood lazy

Can't be arsed to study.

Three days ago, on a perfectly normal monday, I was supposed to meet 2 normal friends for supper after my tuition. Sounds like a perfectly normal activity right? I think so too. 'Cept that it didn't turn out to be that normal after all, because my 2 friends didn't turn up. Instead, my boyfriend did. The same boyfriend who at that moment was supposed to still have his ass parked somewhere in Melbourne and shouldn't be here before wednesday.

I tell ya, I thought I was seeing ghost. It was like my brain did an instant reformatting, like WHOA, WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?? This fella looks like my boyfriend but CANNOT BE! I must have looked quite moronic with my jaws hanging open for half a minute or so.

The sneaky boyfriend and his accomplices. Complete with fake overseas msges. Well done, guys. So that explains the subtle desperation that I sensed behind that sms when I said I couldn't make it for supper. Haha. The silly prank had me grinning the whole night.

Despite completely rearranging my mugging schedule, I'm SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK, wedge! :)

On to a lazier note, I have lost all drive to study. This inertia is like an elephant crushing me alive. Urgh!

At tuition, with my grade 2 kid:

F: Hey Tiffany, I can't come to teach you English this saturday.
Tiff: Why??
F: Cos I gotta sit for an exam. Err.. it's like some sort of a test.
Tiff: Oh! Is it like a spelling test??
F: Uhhh... no, it's a lot harder than that! (exaggerated emphasis on the word harder)
Tiff: -wide eyed and gasped very loudly-
Tiff: You mean like with ONE THOUSAND SPELLING WORDS??

I wish.

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posted at 11:44 PM by Felice

Saturday, November 17, 2007

mood sleepy

Hey, World.

You know, sometimes I question. Why is the world so BIG?

So many cities to visit, nooks and crannies to explore, obscure spots to discover, exotic experiences to savour. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME. And the scientists have not discovered how to genetically engineer a money tree.

At this moment, I am feeling a little greedy. Like as though I have a whole suckling pig in front of me and I don't know where to start.

End Nov - Malacca (again!)
7-16 Dec - Sarawak: Miri + Mulu
Jan - Genting
March - Diving (possibly)
May - need to go back to Bali

And I am still dying to visit Vietnam. And go to Australia again in June.

You know, this travelling thing, is a damn expensive hobby.


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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

mood bummer

Maybe my alter ego is a junkie

Mad week this week. 2 end-term tests, 1 oral test, 1 presentation, 1 submission, 1 lab report due. And amidst this rush, a random thought hit me in the face. In the midst of french class, I had an epiphany and realised that I actually catch things very well. But Geez, I AM SO LAZY. Seriously, I'm telling you, my laziness is truly MAMMOTH SIZED, and I never realised it before. WHY AM I SO LAZY?!

Yesterday I trundled home after tuition at 10pm, resolving to sleep by midnight. But half an hour later, I was beating myself because I forgot that 10pm was the start of Heroes season 2!

Despite my usual idiocy in TV programmes, it seems like the Heroes bug had bitten me. And despite deadlines and all, I ended up whiling two hours away in front of this foreign object called the television. I think that was the first time I sat on that sofa ever since I moved into this place.

You know what, being lazy actually feels quite good. Uhh.. for now.


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Thursday, November 08, 2007

mood amused

The sadistic girlfriend

R: yang, can I eat KFC later? =)
R: uhh.. yesterday.
F: then!!!!!
R: actually in the last 4 months, I haven't eaten KFC.. except for fries.
F: cannot.
R: but i never ate the chicken! =(
F: ok only 2 pieces MAX. And no more tomorrow.
R: hee hee. ok =)
F: I am blogging about this.
R: what??
F: You should see how silly you sound begging for a piece of chicken.


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mood grouchy

More than a penny, me thinks.

That, that, and that, always shuts me up.

I feel like my mental and emotional capacity have almost hit rock bottom. Lets not go there, fel. Indifference, once attained, is frighteningly irreversible.

Sometimes, I get a glimpse of life from the eyes of old people. And for a split second, they are transparent. Their tired resignation and cynicism suddenly seems justified enough. Life and its people, they wear them out, mercilessly grating on and on from the inside until eventually what is left is just an empty shell. Then, when they talk, they are not actually talking. In another consciousness, they are actually sitting in their own mental air balloon, looking down and thinking Gee, get on with the program.

Lets go walk by the river
Lets not talk
Because silence
is loud enough

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posted at 10:45 AM by Felice

mood in disbelief

Locked out of my own room.

I came back today to find that my bedroom door has malfunctioned and I am locked out of my bedroom. The holder of the spare key, which is my sister, is off galivanting at east coast for the night. There is a guest sharing my brother's room until Thursday, and considering the fact that the couch in this house consists of a wooden IKEA one-seater, that translates to me not having a place to sleep tonight.


So after that initial few minutes of utter disbelief, another few minutes of venting my frustrations on clueless siblings, I forced myself to come to terms with the fact that tonight, I have no place to sleep. No toothbrush, no shampoo, no moisturiser. No quilt to snuggle in, no aircon, to fluffy pillow to rest my head, no bolster to hug, no nothing. All separated from me by a sturdy block of wood that at this moment, I am having difficulty controlling myself not to bang down by brute strength.

I like my room, and I have good reasons to believe that my brother does too. He claims that our aircon is cooler, and our toilet is better. He always comes to our toilet to shit, because unlike his toilet, we have the sitting down WC instead of the squatting WC. Sometimes I would holler at him for stinking up our toilet, "Why can't you shit in your own toilet?!"

To which he would answer, "Have you ever TRIED shitting at my toilet? After you finish shitting, you can't feel your legs!" Then I would feign indifference and proceed to shoo him off in the direction of his own toilet.

Just a while ago, upon successfully fishing out bits and pieces of clothes to wear from the laundry basket, still feeling very fed up by my unfortunate predicament, I asked my brother, "Can I borrow your towel? I want to shower at your toilet tonight."

And then he, flashing me the cheekiest grin that he could muster, gleefully said to me,

"Jie, do you feel like SHITTING tonight? Hehe."


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Thursday, November 01, 2007

mood hungry (again!)

It's November.

Actually I have nothing to write about. I just logged into blogger because I felt like announcing that HOLEY MOLEY, IT'S NOVEMBER ALREADY. Right in the middle of spring. Whatever happened to August, September, and October!

Have I told you I am a little obsessed with numbers? Seriously. I have a thing for numbers, especially those in a calendar. I can stare at them like I am reading a book. I do countdowns as though my life depends on them.

Remember mama taught you to stay away from weird human beings?


posted at 5:07 PM by Felice

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