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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

mood dont even ask

I'm this close to going crazy. insane. looney. whatever you call it.

On hiatus until further notice.


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

mood amused

I am the new age Santa Claus

Early this week I taught my eight year old student how to send e-mails. We were reading a story book which is a collection of short e-mails, so I went on to give her my e-mail address and told her that she can send me e-mails, just like in the story books. I mean, it's good to practice writing skills and all, right?

The exchange of emails that ensued are as follows:


Hi Felicia,

happy new year to you!_!

bye for now,
Tiffany Chang


Hi Felicia,

I like to e-mail to you,
how about you?

p.s Do you have a pet,lf you have a pet please tell the name of your pet please?

Tiffany Chang


Hi Tiffany,

I just got home not long ago from your place. It is nice to read your email!
Anyway, happy new year to you too. How did you spend your holidays?
I have a pet bunny and her name is Elmo. She is two years old and very cute!
Here is a photo of her to show you how she looks like. Click on it!

Bye for now,


hello Felicia,

I realy like your rabbit I have neavr seen a rabbit like that!
p.s But if I have 10 stars or 20 stars can I have a rabbit?

Bye for now
Tiffany Chang


Hi Tiffany,

Well, I don't think your parents will be happy if I buy you a rabbit,
because noone will be able to take care of it when all of you go back to Taiwan, right?
Rabbits can be very naughty. Sometimes my rabbit likes to bite telephone wires.

See you soon,


hello felicia,

But I have six rabbits 1 in Taiwan and 5 in San Ha! (i think she means Shanghai)
but i realy like rabbits!_!
do you think our house is too small?

see you,
Tiffany Chang



Did you see how many exclamation marks there are? She has moved on from stickers to living things. Too cute. I find myself ambushed unaware by a pool of motherly hormones.


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mood vexed

J.. j.. jaded

I'm in a super crappy mood today. Maybe it's one of those days, when all the untied ends vengefully resurface, when things get too much, and there just isn't enough excitement in the air. When even words seem pretentious, yet silence seems too loud. My body feels like lead, I drag my feet around and my steps are heavy.

Oh simple things, where have you gone?

Everyone around me is talking about finding jobs. NOOOO leave me alone. I feel like a ten year old trapped in the body of an adult. Really, all I want to do is sit here and eat ice cream. The past few days, I've been contemplating my future, career path and whatnot, and I hit dead end all the time. So I asked Rudy jokingly, Can you quickly get rich, marry me, and then I can stay home and be a housewife? I promise I will cook and clean.

No really, in real life I am not so shallow. Just tired and very confused.

On a happier note, we went to watch PS: I love you yesterday. It was great! I give it 4.5/5 :)

Maybe I'm too much of a dreamer. One of the after effects of the movie includes the sudden desire to travel! to! IRELAND!! too nice.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

mood bloated

Pre-trip blunders - Been there, done that.

The first time we travelled together to Malacca, keiko unknowingly left her wallet at the immigration form-filling counter, only to get into an alarmed frenzy ten minutes later, and run back through the immigration at the speed of lightning. Thankfully the person who picked up her wallet was still chillin' there filling up his form, and honest enough to give it back.

Second time round, we backpacked to Sarawak. On the day of departure, we very excitedly lugged our 55 L backpacks on buses and trains, all the way til Woodlands checkpoint, and then separated ways to queue for immigration, only to have me flip open my passport and to my UTMOST HORROR, see my sister's face staring at me. BROUGHT THE WRONG PASSPORT OMG HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE?!? Thank God my sister was at home, so we sped back to Kranji and fidget around while waiting for her to deliver it. Got to Johor Bahru a little behind schedule, and had to pay 40 RM for a taxi to bring us to the airport. At the airport, we realised that we had misread our departure time, which was half an hour earlier than we thought. Thankfully we were on time, BUT STILL.

A week ago we booked our tickets for the May Thailand trip. Being the money-scrimping backpackers that we are, our efforts of periodically checking budget airlines websites for the past month had paid off. The tickets were practically free, with only the taxes to pay. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, we had never been happier watching money fly out of our pockets, everything was perfect, until we read the itineraries and realised that...


According to our itineraries, we were going to Bangkok twice and not coming back on both counts.

We must have been such a hazardous combination of travellers that a divine force had to intervene. With so many boo-boos added to our collection, each being comparatively more memorable than the former, I shudder to think about our next trip, keiko.

Nonetheless, I cannot wait I cannot wait! :)

We eventually got the right ticket, but now I have a RM 264 credit in my Airasia account. If anyone wants to purchase anything, please be a kind samaritan and help me get rid of them.


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