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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

mood amused

Because we are amateur quintilinguists

kko. / tongue-tied. says:
khun there there?
felicia. says:
dichan here here!
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
my aunt bought me a new wallet!!!
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
felicia. says:
what kind of wallet?
felicia. says:
is it a pouch kinda thing or is it like a wallet w alot of compartments kind
felicia. says:
krapaw ngen baru!
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
hahahhaa krapaw ngen nouvelle!
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
no it's jus a wallet tt i like
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
HAHAHA no connections to travel at all
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
but yes got a lot of compartments!
felicia. says:
i want to go shop lehhh
felicia. says:
je peux une krapaw ngen nouvelle juga!
felicia. says:
felicia. says:
what rubbish are we talking abt huh
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
hahahhaa see this is what happens when we know 5 languages between each other
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
my krapaw l'argent is tres cool!
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
krapaw l'argent khoong dichan adalah tres cool

kko. / tongue-tied. says:
felicia. says:
u SURE u want to travel to amk take 35 min bus ride just to eat siew mai?
felicia. says:
dichan yaak siew mai
felicia. says:
mais il est tres jauh pour toi lahhh
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
hahaha wrong!! it's 45 min!! but dichan YAAK!
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
and i still owe u 10buckeroos!
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
so i shall meet u to return u too!
kko. / tongue-tied. says:
and show u my krapaw ngen nouvelle

felicia. says:
eh our conversation is missing the chinese bit
felicia. says:
wo yao chi siew mai!


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Monday, April 28, 2008

mood lazy

A vice I can't shake off.

Ack.. I have an exam to sit for tomorrow. What a bummer. Can't seem to find it within me to squeeze out the last ounce of perseverance so that I can study without thinking, OK SERIOUSLY HOW BORING IS THIS THING?. That last bit of will power is hidden in very obscure corners of my system, and when I do manage to suss it out, it comes in pathetic spurts, drizzles and drops. Absolutely hopeless.

Another thing i neglected to mention is that I turned 23 a week ago. My sibs bought me a very nice chocolate cake :), of which I only had 2 slices because the rest was gobbled down by my glut brother. So much for a birthday cake. hmpf. Birthdays get quieter every year. Maybe it is a sign of growing old? But then again, I rejoice! Because this is the last freaking time that I spend my birthday with the company of impending examinations. Anyway, thank you! for remembering, and for all the well wishes. And rudy, for the very nice pair of limited edition Tiger Onitsuka :) And keiko, my backpacking buddy who got me -ehem- a certain backpacking necessity. HAHA. how apt.

On a random note, I have discovered a distaste for people with a penchant for saying politically correct things. It is just so boring, not to mention emotionally opressive.

Ok study!


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

mood blank

This is where you are supposed to break into a goodbye song.

Today was my last day of school, and I really mean LAST. The last lecture and the last official school day of my entire life ever, as I know it. Now I enter into a two-week mugfest, sit for exams, and two months later, graduate. Then the title student is officially stripped off me. No more student discounts, student fares, student concessions, and when I fill out forms, under occupations, I can no longer conveniently write student. wow. And my heart, my soul, my complex hormonal system and emotions, every fibre of my being tells me that I feel...

... absolutely NOTHING.

In fact, I started the day by waking up late (involuntarily of course), unceremoniously sashaying into my last lecture 45 minutes late, as opposed to the usual 25. And then I ended this historical day by skipping what would have been the last tutorial of my life.

Should I be bothered that even at the end of such a significant milestone of my life, I actually feel nothing? Nada. Zilch. Zip.

Je ne sens rien.

Saya tidak merasakan apa-apa.

Oh wellllll....

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posted at 10:39 PM by Felice

Sunday, April 13, 2008

mood sick

Under the weather

I really hate to be sick. But ironically, bugs always find me at the most unopportune times, like NOW. When the last exams of my life (presumably) are just fiercely round the corner. WHY?

I have got sorethroat. Not the sexy throaty effect kind of sorethroat, but the pain in the ass kind. The kind where everytime I swallow it feels like grating against sandpaper. I have been feeling woozy all weekend, oh HOW COULD THIS BE. Dammit I need to study. You know, I can go on whining forever about the sad predicament I am in, how I have a mighty headache that knocked me sideways so I had to sit at the bottom of the stairs blahdeblah, and I have the last report of my academic life to finish. Theoretically I should be rejoicing, despite it all. But seriously, why am I killing a good portion of my brain cells over the dietary fiber content in brown rice? Not worth it.

My tickets are all settled! Oooh baybeh..

9-26th May: Bangkok, ChiangMai, ChiangDao, Pai, Soppong, Sukothai, Koh Chang

5th June - 4th July: Bali

I am going to travel my heart out before I jump into the the dark abyss of working world. Yay!


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Thursday, April 10, 2008

mood blah

Another way of being, another way of knowing

I have been forced to somehow reconsider my options and ponder on the possibility that maybe I have been doing it all wrong. Perhaps I should bring some reconciliation within myself, re-consolidate and be firm about what I want, then I will be taken seriously, and you will walk a mile with me. Maybe I should wise up and acknowledge that perfection and idealism are overrated. Or maybe, I should do the hi's and bye's again, because when all else fails, we gotta get back to the basics.

It is sad, how little there is to turn to.

I picked up a couple of potatoes so a bowl of mash is in order. Tomorrow, the world will be a better place.


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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

mood contemplative


I feel like bang bang BANG BANGING on the piano all day. With what songs I don't know, I just want to bang on it until I get lost in some random unmelodious tunes so that everything else becomes like specks of black and white. If it is true that there is calm within chaos then I want to be in that whirl wind. Maybe in the middle of it there is some peace. Where have you been?


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

mood happy

Cheap Thrill

Nanotechnology presentation
Thesis 1st draft submission
Thesis final submission DONE DEAL!
FIVE lab reports: ONE LEFT! (16/4)
1. 4103 Chemical leavening agents report
2. 4202 EPA DHA determination report
3. 4202 Vitamin A determination report
4. 4102 Ultrasonic processing report
Nutritional biochem write-up submitted 5 min ago
Nutritional biochem presentation (tomorrow)
Thesis poster submission (7/4)
4103 tutorial presentation (9/4)
Thesis presentation (17/4)

And they all happened in a span of two weeks. BOY I HAVE BEEN BUSY.

My classmates like to put their to-do list as their msn nicks. For what reasons I am not sure. But I list them out in my little book only for the sheer joy that I get when I have the pleasure to strike them out one by one. It really keeps me going! I am a mildly obsessive compulsive dweeb.

Pardon the recent influx of boring school related posts. But given that this is the last one month that I CAN complain about school before I don my mortar board, exploit it I shall!

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posted at 2:26 PM by Felice

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