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Friday, August 29, 2008

mood bad

Gotta blame something for this.

You know what? I think this retarded feeling that I am experiencing right now, is what you actually call PMS. Wow! I never knew that I am actually capable of PMS-ing.

So the thing is, I am just feeling really crap now! Suddenly I feel acutely aware of things I am being shortchanged for, things I cannot control, my flaws, my unfulfilled wishes, and basically self esteem-destroying and insecurity-related stuff. And you know what's the best freaking thing of the whole damn thing? I can't even talk about it because theoretically speaking I AM NOT ALLOWED TO. Exclamation marks!!! I can't even rant on facebook walls because WHAT IF THEY SEE IT.

I am so frustrated I could cry. Yes right here at work while wearing my fancy schmancy lab coat.

For a marathon runner, sometimes the last kilometre is just the freaking hardest.


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Monday, August 25, 2008

mood sleepy

Miserable on Monday

Is it a coincidence that Monday and Miserable both start with an M? So does Moody, Melodramatic, and Malfunction (make that ALL CAPS). And also, it is right smack in the middle of PMS. Is it a sign or what? I tell you, there has never been a more wretched day.

As of this very moment, working life sucks like a vacuum cleaner.

Ever since school was officially finito, I have been reading books with some kind of feverish intensity. Polished off both Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, Martel's The Life of Pi, and also two Murakami book, plus a few others. I am SO hooked to Murakami. So surreal, dream-like, full of parallel realities, and voyeuristic to say the least. I love it.

Hey, this is really neat. Wouldn't you say? :D

It costs $7000 by the way.

My blog is in ICU. Now it is just a ranting ground. So until my mojo flies back to me pronto, it is going to continue staying in its comatose state, 'cept maybe when I feel like some cyber diarrhoea.

I'm just saying. It beats people who are trying just a bit too hard.

Ok so in the mean time, world peace. And eat lots of vegetables, people.


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Monday, August 11, 2008

mood muahaha

Weapon of battle

I came to office equipped for Monday blues.

I think 'tis going to be a beyoootiful day :)


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Sunday, August 10, 2008

mood ...

Cheap Thrill

To be very honest, I am kinda bored with my life. I can't help the fact that I developed this peculiar aversion to routine. Now I can't stand it. It's unbearable. And though difficult and progress is slow, I am consciously trying to veer myself off that track. I want to jump to the side, roll in grass, pluck flowers, FLY!

Anyway, so just for cheap thrill sake, I went for a haircut.


I also got a new piercing (not shown).

Outside 77th street

Fel: I feel like getting a piercing.
Keiko: omg ok go.
Fel: Ok!

-walks into shop-

Barely 5 minutes later, it was all done. So impromptu to the power of one hundred. I like. Hehe.

I also bought a top from Miss Selfridge and nearly splurged on a pair of Tiger Onitsuka.


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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

mood blocked

Gone with the wind

So I haven't been blogging. I am soweee... Truth is, I just couldn't be arsed to. This is still such a weird routine for me to get going to. All the waking up early -groan-, morning crowd -groan-, work -half-groan-, and the coming home and cooking/preparing dinner frenzy.

Been cooking up a nightly storm, sort of anyway. Well... It was great fun, and even greater fun when everyone raves about it, but not-so-great fun when you have to pan-fry a fish that is longer than the diameter of your wok and NOT FUNNY at all when you have to physically lop off the head of said fish to get it to fit in the damn thing.

I made Baked chicken & pasta yesterday! And sheperd's pie in the weekend (of which a quarter pan went to my brother's black hole of a stomach). But the thing is, all these domestic gastronomia has made me feel just a leeetle too domesticated for my liking.

Also, I am suddenly really missing travelling. It's like my mind grew wings and kept leaving me during work. I REALLY miss travelling :(

I was hit by a bad bug last weekend. Felt woozy for the better part of the week, and still am ensconced in this mortal sickness as of today.

Quote of the day:

S: Have you seen the doctor?
Me: No. Flu is caused by virus. There's nothing that the doctor can do anyway.
SK: Have you tried Norton?

Me: ...


posted at 5:12 PM by Felice

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