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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

mood contented

Morning Carbo Rush

Yesterday night I had a sudden and impulsive thought: LETS HAVE PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST TOMORROW!

So around midnight, when everyone was asleep, I pottered around the kitchen and made a batch of batter so that I can do up a coupla quickies for my siblings before they leave for school the next day. I followed what Wayne taught me. But seriously, it cant even be considered as a recipe because everything was an estimation.

When I eventually crawled out of bed at 6am and scrambled for the pots and pans, silly me forgot to stir the batter. Overnight, the batter had settled a little and since I only scooped out the top, the pancakes were quite thin. So I improvised and quickly told my sibs, "Ok, I change my mind. We are having crepes now."


But when I eventually REALISED it and gave it a good stir before making a few for my own breakfast later on in the morning, it turned out beeeeyuuuutiful.

Oh, how gorgeous. Wayne ought to be proud!

Pancakes for Those with Gut Feelings
(edit: forgot the sugar and salt....)

Ingredients :
4 eggs
Milk (roughly 500ml
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
Self-raising flour
1 tbsp of butter, melted

Method :
Beat the eggs and milk together until combined, add sugar and salt and mix some more. Then sift the flour into the egg and milk mixture while stirring until smooth. Add enough flour until the batter acquires a thick consistency (this is where the gut feeling comes in). Then stir in the melted butter.

Then the easiest part: Fry, eat and get fat! :)


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Monday, July 30, 2007

mood tired


I have definitely had my share of exercise this week. On friday, determined not to be fazed by the rain, I dragged myself to the pool in the evening after coming back from tuition, and did my 22 laps. There was definitely a lot of inertia to be overcome, but by the time I boinked myself into the pool, it was all good!

I have been thinking about joining the Run For Hope run this September. It is a charity run to raise funds for cancer research. They have the 4 km fun run and the 8 km one. I really want to try for the 8 km one but have not been disciplined enough to drag my bum out of the house to train as often as I would have liked. So yesterday morning I finally did. Did a total of 4.8 km and AS OF NOW, I am totally knackered. zonked. aching all over.

School later. Oh bugger it...


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Friday, July 27, 2007

mood chillin'

Lazy Lunch

After all those food we ate, Keiko and I were supposed to go swimming this morning. But our plan was thwarted by the rain, reducing our exercise plan to a cabbaging session at home. Bleargh, I feel so unfit.

Since I had to settle lunch at home and I didn't feel like doing anything too tedious, I took out the bottle of gourmet sauce I lugged back from Gold Coast and whipped up something really quick (read: lazy).

It is funny how a bottle of sauce could induce so much nostalgia. I still remember the exact day when we ran production for this product. The day when we ran out of raw materials and I had to manually mince 6 kg of garlic until I nearly went insane. And Wayne was chopping 8 kg of onions beside me with so much intensity that in between all the tearing, I had the urge to take my mincer and knock him unconscious so we can just forget this whole production and have a day off because the QA supervisor has been assaulted.

Anyway, the Roast Vegetable pasta sauce was yum. Do give them a try if you are down under.

On another note, Rudy is taking part in a 48-hr design competition with a few friends at Geelong (some obscure town in Victoria). Insane. But sounds like fun! And the top prize is a trip to Venice. -DROOL-

Oh well, all in the name of good fun :)

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mood uneasy


What are you craving for?


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

mood high

Eat and walk and eat and then walk again.

To me, in Singapore, there are only two things worth spending my leisure time on. First, it is to embrace the fruits of nature that God has so graciously bestowed upon us - EAT. Second, it is to burn off the carbs gained from said gastronomic escapades - WALK. This is also a good way of getting visual treats from whatever remnants of urbanisation that are still around. Take a good look at them before they eventually disappear. I mean, hey, this is afterall Singapore. The country of reclaimed land, high rises, and diminishing heritage.

So that is exactly what we did today.

Keiko accompanied me to Orchard in the morning to collect my jeans from the tailor. We went to Es Teler 77 to eat some desserts, and then walked from Orchard to Dhoby Gaut to City Hall, and then to Clarke Quay and to Chinatown. -sweat-

After my dental appointment and tuition, we met up again in the evening, after which we proceeded once more to engange in our favourite activities. Walked a few streets down to eat at Botak Jones (promising to come back again soon), and then trudged from that end of Ang Mo Kio to where I stayed, which is at the other extreme end of town 2 hours walk away. I swear my gastric juices were getting some really good jiggies in there, yo.

It is only now when I am nicely settled down on this swivelling chair, with oxygen starting to flow back into my muscles, and blood all rushing to my head, that it all sets in. I think I wont be able to walk tomorrow. But I had a great time. Walking is such a therapeutic thing, and its aftermath gives me a dizzying sense of euphoria, a momentary high that makes me feel like sprinting up to the 25th floor and shouting HEY WORLD!

Any problem can be solved by walking it off :)

In Australia, we used to walk around mountains and lakes (though a particular Australian would go as far as bringing me to cemeteries). But here in Singapore, bush walking really just means walking from one eatery to the next.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

mood tired


I had such a long and impossibly boring day today. Went to school for some cell culture training and officially started on my honours project, after which I embarked on a ONE HOUR FORTY FIVE MINUTES journey to teach tuition. I spent most of the day sitting on the bus, standing in the train, doing a hell lot of walking (God bless the creator of ipod), and this and that.

And suddenly the day was gone. *poof*

24 hours lost into the abyss of nothingness.

But my point is, I am puzzled. It is the holidays. So why is it that I still have a thousand and one things to do? WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? I have got so many bloody things to collect from every corner of singapore, hamsters to return (dont ask), people to meet, chores to do, errands to run, and hooray for being the oldest in the family because then I also have to periodically clean up after everyone else's mess. It is easy to show care. The difficult part, is saying I dont care.

And at this very second, my boyfriend is on his way to Mt. Buller for a skiing day trip.

So tell me, why do I feel so shitty? Talk about getting the bad end of the stick. Thank God I have the Malacca trip two weeks from now to look forward to. But at this rate, I tell you I am gonna be needing holiday therapy every single month. And a pot of chamomile every freaking day. So pray tell, despite my resolution to move on, do you think it is entirely my fault that I find myself still hopelessly missing those days in Australia?

And you know what? By virtue of the fact that I am living in Singapore, I think I am entitled every right to whinge.


Ok finished whinging. Gonna watch Amelie now.


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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

mood icky

Too Hot to Handle

Now I know why I get so restless when I am in Singapore.

It is the BLOODY weather. It is too hot. And it makes a world of difference.

I tried to cook a pot of mashed potatoes and barely 5 minutes into mashing, I have got a bathtub worth of sweat running down every inch of my body. I attempted to vaccuum the bloody house and after 10 back-numbing minutes, I thought I had had enough. It was icky, and I have got my fringe all matted to my forehead, so grotesque that Sadako would have been proud.

You know why a lot of Singaporean women cant be bothered with chores? Skip all the feminist let-the-men-do-that critics. Though that might be true, too. But the truth is, it is just too unglam. Like, seriously. I wouldnt want guests coming to my house when I am mopping the floor and drowning in my own pool of sweat.

Anyway, today I went to meet R's mum to pass her some things, and being the nice lady that she is, she got me a box of curry puffs from Coffee Bean. When I came back home and was sitting at the dining table watching my siblings eat, my brother asked, in between mouthfuls of curry puff, "Where you got these from?" And I said, "From R's mum."

And he stopped mid-chew and frowned at me.

His expression was damn classic, and I just thought that was very funny.

ANYWAYS! Look who's home! :)

I get too lazy to blog nowadays because I am too busy chasing Elmo all around the house. When I let her out of the cage, she explores every. single. crevice and corner of the house. And everytime we open the bedroom door, she practically flies over from the other end of the house because she is just dying to get in to explore.

She's a traveller-bunny, that one. Just like her owner. :)

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Monday, July 16, 2007

mood bummy

How cute is this????? Accccckkkkk.....

Speaking of animals, I am collecting my bunny tomorrow!

All my life I have always been so attached to various kinds of animals. And knowing fully well the mess and shit that I have to deal with (literally), I still jump head first into it. Why? Well I guess some people are just never meant to learn aye?


If only Old Navy sells bunny polos too.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

mood frustrated

How Now Brown Cow?


Cannot breathe.

Cannot think.

Dont know how to get from A to B.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

mood full from lunch

The Crazy Things I Do

Two days ago, my sister and I were talking about SPCA on our walk back from our sunday morning jog. This was triggered by her insisting that I buy her cookies, baked by her class for an SPCA fund raising thingy for some community service involvement programme. Not that I am not being charitable here, but the edibility of said cookies is currently still being questioned.

Anyway, to say that I have an itchy backside is a severe understatement. It started with me idly surfing the SPCA website, and the next thing I knew, I was marching down to SPCA the next day and coming out of the place with an adopted animal under my name.


I am soooo excited! My bunny is currently being sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped. I've been doing so much bunny-reading and I cant wait to bring her home next week.

I think I am a damn impulsive person. Growing up has made me realise that life is really too short for unnecesary deliberations. Maybe that also explains why yesterday I also walked out of River Island $59 poorer barely five minutes after prancing around at the shoe section.

I know what you are thinking.

But anyway, I need to make a disclaimer here before animal enthusiasts start spamming me with hate mails. I totally know what I am doing with the bunny okay? I am actually a zoo keeper in training. Really.


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Saturday, July 07, 2007

mood bloated

15th Bird-day

Yesterday was my little brother's birthday. So after my evening tuition, my sister and I strolled over to AMK Hub to get him a cake, and then jumped out on him with the whole set up when he was chilling in his room savouring the last hour of his birthday.

SIGH. He used to be such a cute and adorable toddler. But look at him now! Very soon he will start having crushes and mixing around with grubby boys his age and be a typical adolescent. Oh the woes of growing up. I really hope he will grow up to be a SNAG, and not the stereotypical soccer-watching and pub-hopping alpha male.

My brother doesn't know how to smile. All his pictures have the same constipated facial expression. So when I threatened to finish up all his cake unless he does something proper, he did this:

And there you have my glut of a sister wanting the cake for herself. This food craze thing, I am telling you, it runs in the family. Anyway the cake was Chocolate Boston from Breadtalk. It was not too bad, but nothing extraordinary and terribly overpriced. I hate Breadtalk. It is so overrated, and we got it only because there were no other choices.

My mum and auntie refused to take a photo because they were in their jammies. And when I pointed a camera in their direction, they did a frantic scrambling about trying to hide behind the sofa.

If my mum sees this she will probably disown me for life. But this is my blog and I WRITE WHAT I WANT! :)

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

mood TIRED


It had been more than a week. Up til a few hours ago, the time on my watch still read Australian time.

Anyway, I have been slogging the past 2 days out making a little living. Went to help out at some MOE event and managed to earn a bit of moolah. Another long day tomorrow and tuition on friday. Busy, but it's okay.

I love being busy with things I willingly got myself into. Because being busy takes my mind off vexing things, and for that indulgent few hours, I find myself living in only now.

I also love blasting my music through my earphones while walking amidst pedestrians on the street. Like today. Because then everyone seems to be drowned in my song, gradually fading into oblivion. And for a fleeting moment, I can make believe that the world is mine.

On another note, HAPPY GRADUATION, KEERLING! :) Truth be told, I really am very very sad that we wont be graduating together. How I wish we could still spend another year together, mugging at arts forum, having impromptu shopping trips after lessons, doing online shopping during lectures, and a whole load of other crap we always do. It has been such a great journey, and I will really miss you :(

Happy graduation too, seulan! :)

Very random post, but I need to work in 5 1/2 hours and I really need to sleep. Good night.


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