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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

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Two zero zero seven in retrospect.

In my first reference to year 2007 using past perfect tense, I would like to say, it had been a really awesome year.

The year started with me zipping off to Gold Coast to fulfill my industrial attachment. And what can I say? So thus, I spent the better half of the year living every day like a dream. It was nothing short of an escapade, the best thing that I saw in my life ever since A levels, and that alone, was enough to make 2007 so worth living.

I have travelled to places, gotten in touch with a side of my personality that never had had the chance to surface before. And in so doing, I discovered that sense of euphoria that entails, from jumping headfirst into the unknown. I got a thrill out of talking to strangers, meeting new people, doing and saying things without thinking, just to see where they would lead me.

I have backpacked to Sydney, bushwalked through the wilderness of Tasmania, immersed myself in the quaint and multi faceted city of Melbourne. And in those six months, I had seen the beauty of nature so mesmerizing, those which I previously could only see in postcards. Australia was a break I had so desperately wanted and God had so graciously given me. Only that it not manage to quieten my soul, only left it wanting for more.

I also made a new friend. One who turned out to be the crappiest, non-stereotypical caucasian, ever. An unlikely co-supervisor, a host, a housemate, a late night TV buddy, a shit spinner, and a dear friend, all rolled into one impossible combination. But yet, for the amazing time I had in Gold Coast, all credit goes to him. To Wayne, whose crappiness was like a breath of fresh air that bit by bit, unravelled the convoluted mess in my head.

But I digressed...

Mid this year, after a year of very intense contemplation, I finally decided not to do honours, only to have my plan thwarted inside out and upside down by divine intervention. It was not a bad thing, and even turned out to be a blessing. Despite not getting my top 3 choices for final year project, things have been coming up roses. This semester, for the only core module I had to take, I got an A for it. Amusingly, my first A for a core module, out of 5 academic semesters. But really, I couldn't have expected less. Things have been so easy with You around. I wish I had been more serious about it much earlier.

Early this year, my siblings started schooling in Singapore. And after coming back from Australia mid this year, it was also the first time I started staying with my family again, after ten years of being abroad alone. It had been very endearing. Pleasant, save for having to play mother to a curfew-breaking brother at the peak of puberty.

Also, I transferred to a new cell group, and joined a new ministry in church. It was a brand new start, it's been great to far, and I am looking forward to many exciting things to come.

This year was the third year of my relationship with Rudy. My first and hopefully my last :)

I also adopted a bunny from SPCA. She's very well, still alive, and FAT.

To conclude the year, I also had a backpacking trip to Mulu, Sarawak, with a friend whose friendship I have been privileged to earn. And that is also another reason why my 2007 was full of chaos, spontaneous trips, confusion and disorder, but also of inexpressible joy and fun. Thank you keiko, it was such a pleasure being your friend :)

I have climbed a mountain (sort of), swam in caves, and roughed it out in forests. If anything, year 2007 had made me realise my passion for travel, my unquenchable thirst for the unknown.

Year 2007 had been good to me. However, I realised that it was also this year that I changed the most. Outgrew certain things, acquired others. Perhaps a shift in perspectives, some rearrangement in priorities. A recent conversation with keiko have also made me discover that I am not a very nice person. I am harsh in judgement, and insensitive in demeanour. A tad cynical towards people, intolerant to many things, a little too unforgiving in giving chances.

Next year, I want to be a better person. I want to be a better girlfriend, a better daughter, a better sister, and a better friend. I want to embrace life with greater zeal, and love people with greater sincerity.

2007 was a splendid year. But I hope 2008 will be my best yet.

Happy new year to all :)

P/S: It was also in year 2007 that I discovered, epilator is the best thing invented by Man. Ever.

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